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Washington Huskies football making progress under Chris Petersen, but still work to do

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Otto Greule Jr

What was the most concerning part of today's performance for Washington and why?

Chris Turner (Follow on Twitter): Huskies have looked better in each outing since they opened the season, but mistakes like Penalties and not converting on third down have hurt the UW offense on occasion. As the season goes on, we need to see more consistency from this team if they want to hang with teams like Oregon and Stanford.

James Crabtree-Hannigan (Follow on Twitter): You have to get nitpicky to find flaws in this week's performance, but they struggled with penalties and the offense didn't score a touchdown after their third drive. Everything else was a success for the Huskies, and even though the Illini won their games against Youngstown State and Western Kentucky by a total of 19 points, Washington didn't exactly look like a powerhouse in their first two games either. This was a big step forward for Washington, and while it hasn't always been pretty, they're still undefeated.

Sam Barbee (Follow on Twitter): Washington fumbled twice but luckily only lost one. In the third quarter it looked like they might let Illinois back into it. In conference play, they have to keep their foot on the gas and not let teams back into it. Most Pac-12 teams have more talent than Illinois, and they absolute cannot let those teams hang around like the UW did in that third quarter.

Zach Pugh (Follow on Twitter): New head coach Chris Peterson should feel good about his squad starting out 3-0, but there doesn't seem to be a clear identity on offense. There was great balance today between the passing and ground games, but with four current AP Top 25 teams on the schedule, this offense will need to get more polished play from Cyler Miles. Doing a couple things fairly well won't cut it as the season rushes on

Zach Willman (Follow on Twitter): 8 penalties is just too high, even if your opponent had 11. The Huskies secondary has some issues to take care of, including their inability to cover streak routes and corner routes that could potentially become a huge headache. 8-for-16 3rd down efficiency is also sub-standard, but i am blaming more Chris Peterson/Johnathan Smith play-calling than Miles.

The song that best describes Washington's performance is _____________ because ____________.

Sam Barbee: We've Got a Good Thing Going by Michael Jackson. Because, well, they do.

Zach Willman: The Hounds by The Protomen. The Huskies finally had a game where their team looked complete and threatening! I can almost hear the hounds...

Chris Turner: The song I would chose to describe Washington's performance is Job Well Done by Run the Jewels, because the Huskies did pretty everything they needed to to win today vs. Illinois.