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UCLA Bruins football worry about Brett Hundley, offensive line on bye week

Plus we try and find a song for the Bruins! For more on UCLA, hit up Bruins Nation.

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What was the most concerning part of today's performance for UCLA and why?

Chris Turner (follow on Twitter): Offensive Line play. Again. Of course, the rushing attack had success because of the blocking job from these guys, and there was some noticeable improvement in rush blocking.

As for the pass blocking?


Texas sacked Hundley twice and Neuheisel once, bringing their grand total through three games to 12.0 sacks. Yikes.

Need to see some improvement in keeping the pocket together before Arizona State.

Sam Barbee (follow on Twitter): That defense is still sketchy to me. They couldn't shut down Virginia or Memphis and now Texas. Conference play is looming big time for them.

Zach Pugh (follow on Twitter): Questionable. That remains to be Brett Hundley's status moving forward. So, what will this UCLA offense look like moving forward? Neuheisel wasn't called to throw anything deep. If Neuheisel is again the starter against Arizona State, will the Bruins have a deep threat with their backup QB? The Bruins' offense will have a tough time surviving in the weeks ahead without a field general who can't push the offense vertically.

Zach Willman (follow on Twitter): The offensive line still looks incomplete and the offensive playcalling on third downs was at points questionable to say the least. Bruins ended 6-for-17 in 3rd down efficiency.

Josh Estes (follow on Twitter): Offensive Line....STILL. It doesn't matter if it's Hundley, Neuheisel, or Troy Aikman behind center -- they have got to protect their QB.

The song that best describes UCLA's performance is _____________ because ____________.

Chris Turner: Good Life by Kanye West, because for one week, Jerry Neuheisel will live the Good Life on campus after saving UCLA Saturday.

Sam Barbee: Hanging On by Ellie Golding. They've hung on to wins and are hanging on the to season right now. Their grip is getting a little tenuous.

Zach Pugh: Tom Petty--I won't Back Down. This should be the UCLA theme song after an impressive step up.

Zach Willman: Superstar by Lupe Fiasco. Jerry Neuheisel at Jerry's World had the spotlight on him after his performance.

Josh Estes: Method Man - "Next Up" -- "Next Up / Yo I Believe That's Me / Ayyo P Get on the Mic for the NYC"