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Stanford Cardinal football: Defense a rock, offense a stone

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Ezra Shaw

What was the most concerning part of today's performance for Stanford and why?

Zach Pugh (follow on Twitter): The Cardinal offense, while effective, has lacked the ability to score quickly. Maybe that won't matter as much because we know what Stanford lives and dies by, a tough defense and clock control, with a punishing ground attack. It just seems that without the ability to put up points fast there may come a couple games on the schedule where it could hurt their chances to win.

Ryan McGinn (follow on Twitter): Have to say there was a slight hangover from that USC game in that 1st half; the Cardinal came out hot with a TD on their first offensive possession, then 4 straight drives that ended with punts. The Cardinal would have gone in at half only up 7-0 if it wasn't for a late Black Knight fumble.

Sam Barbee (follow on Twitter): I would be remiss to not mention the Army punter shooing away a Cardinal. C'mon, man!

Zach Willman (follow on Twitter): After their first drive, Stanford faltered multiple times against the Cadets including 2 three-and-outs in 4 straight drives. Their offense looked straight-up unprepared (Until of course, the second half).

Chris Turner (follow on Twitter): There wasn't much wrong with today's performance in my opinion. There was a lull in the offense when they punted four straight drives, but outside of that, I would say Stanford played a "A" grade game vs. the Black Knights.

The song that best describes Stanford's performance is _____________ because ____________.

Zach Pugh: The Eagles - Take it Easy--because Isn't that the offensive approach?

Ryan McGinn: Thank You by Dido. I think it about sums out how Cardinal fans feel about today's dub after last week's heart wrenching loss.

Zach Willman: Army Dreamers by Kate Bush. Army was only down by 7 with a couple great stops, but they could only dream about beating the vaunted Cardinal defense.

Chris Turner: Easy like sunday morning by Lionel Ritchie because Stanford blanked Army and it was relatively easy.