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Travis Wilson excels in the Big House, but injury a scary one for Utah

Travis Wilson's history of injuries makes his one against Michigan troublesome going forward.

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What was the most impressive part of Utah's performance and why? Who were the standout players and coaches and why?

Trace Travers: Follow on Twitter No offensive touchdowns allowed, and the Kaelin Clay return. Clay, a former Cal wideout, is making his name in Utah with a plethora of return touchdowns for the Utes. And pulling the Desmond Howard move? He's got a bit of confidence that'll carry him far.

Patrick Ghidossi: Follow on Twitter The defense was clearly the most impressive. While Michigan's offense isn't what you'd call "explosive", or "high-scoring", going into the Big House and imposing your will is no small feat. The Utah secondary as a whole came up huge and the defensive line played very well.

Sam Barbee: Follow on Twitter It's that they went into the Big House and won. I've been there, and it's loud. It's one of the toughest places to play in the country and Utah silence the 100,000 strong in Ann Arbor. There's something to say for that.

Jack Follman: Follow on Twitter Travis Wilson's composure in one of college football's biggest venues. His ability to be efficient and manage the game on a huge stage was crucial.

What were the most concerning aspect of Utah's performance and why? Which coaches and players struggled the most and why?

Trace Travers: Travis Wilson going out with a concussion is probably the biggest issue to come from this game. He's a talented quarterback and his backup, Kendal Thompson, only has thrown 37 passes in his career. I'm not sure who's going to be the focal point of their offense now.

Patrick Ghidossi: The offense did enough, but they'll need to produce more against Pac-12 teams. Travis Wilson's status is unclear and he's clearly the leader of the offense. Other guys are going to have to step up to keep the Utes rolling.

Sam Barbee: Any time a team loses their starting quarterback it's concerning, especially when he's playing well. Backup Kendal Thompson went 4-for-7, but threw a pick. We will have to closely monitor Travis Wilson and his concussion. They might severely hurt Utah.

Jack Follman: Wilson's injury is most concerning. He is their difference maker and with his history of injuries, you have to worry that his status for the rest of the season will be hit and miss at least. Regardless of his status, the Utah offensive line needs to do a better job of protecting whoever is at quarterback and getting the running game going.