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Pac-12 focused Top 25 Week 4: Ducks tumble to number five after near upset in Pullman

Oregon falls a few spots after a troubling performance against Washington State.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

1. Florida State 3-0

2. Auburn 3-0

3. Oklahoma 4-0

4. Alabama 4-0

5. Oregon 4-0

It has been a strange year in college football, no one has really looked that great, but no one else in my top seven has not one, but two glaring weaknesses as large as the Ducks do in their pass protection and pass defense situations. The good news for the Ducks is that they have a week off to shore things up and a questionable Pac-12 to take on.

6. Baylor 3-0

7. Texas A&M 4-0

8. Notre Dame 3-0

9. Mississippi 3-0

10. Oklahoma State 2-1

11. South Carolina 3-1

12. Georgia 2-1

13. Mississippi State 3-1

14. LSU 3-1

15. TCU 2-0

16. Michigan State 2-1

17. Wisconsin 2-1

18. Clemson 1-2

19. USC 2-1

The Trojans had a much-needed week off to recover from back-to-back tenderizing games on the road against Stanford and Boston College. The Trojans still have time and the talent to bounce back and make a run at the Pac-12 title, but they have little room for error now.

20. Stanford 2-1

The Cardinal get another Pac-12 test this week at Washington in what is pretty much a must-win for them to avoid starting conference play in an 0-2 hole. The Cardinal look like they still might have the defensive strength they have had the past five years, but their offense still leaves a bit to be desired.

21. BYU 4-0

22. UCLA 3-0

Okay, test time UCLA. They head to Tempe to take on a good-looking Arizona State team... wait. Taylor Kelly isn't playing. Well f*** me, these guys are going to continue to be a hard to peg bunch.

23. Nebraska 4-0

24. Arizona State 3-0

It is a tragedy to have Arizona State to lose a golden opportunity at grabbing early footing in the race for the South because they don't have Taylor Kelly. Oh well.

25. Kansas State 2-1