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Utah wins turnover game to grab big win at Michigan

The Utes finished off their non-conference slate with a huge win.

Gregory Shamus

The word I would best use to describe Utah's performance is__________________ because__________________________.

Patrick Cormier: Follow on Twitter The word I would use to describe Utah's performance is solid because they didn't do anything flashy but the Utes marched into the big house and flat out outplayed the Wolverines.

Trace Travers: Follow on Twitter The word I would best use to describe Utah's performance is delayed partially because of the lightning, but also because Utah didn't really get in control of this game until the fourth quarter. But it is an impressive win, with a little delayed gratification.

Patrick Ghidossi: Follow on Twitter I would describe Utah's performance as impressive. Going into this season Utah had one of the toughest schedules in the country. Although Michigan is struggling of late, this win shows how good Utah's defense can be and that they'll be very competitive going into Pac-12 play. Also, Travis Wilson continues to be a very tough dude. Steve Addazio would love him.

Sam Barbee: Follow on Twitter I say up-and-coming because what a good win that was for Utah. They've been at the bottom of the Pac 12 since they came in and to go to Michigan and push around the Wolverines is rather impressive. The Utes are finally starting to get Pac 12 talent in recruiting and it'll be interesting to see how that effects the program moving forward.

Jack Follman: Follow on Twitter Important. This is exactly the win that the Utes needed if they hope to take that next step and get back to where they were before they joined the Pac-12. The opportunity to get a win against a struggling, but still big name team on the road was there and the Utes did what they needed to do and then some. Also, the Utes now also only need to win three conference games to get back to a much-needed bowl.

Check out the box score. What were the key stats of the game to you?

Patrick Cormier: Follow on Twitter The Utah defense held Devin Gardner in check and after his ineffectiveness and two interceptions he was replaced by Shane Morris who Utah also was able to intercept once for their third of the day.

Trace Travers: Follow on Twitter Three interceptions for Utah's defense. One of these was a major drive killer, and when you can change the momentum like that in the Big House, you're in for a good day.

Patrick Ghidossi: Follow on Twitter I'd have to say Michigan's four turnovers. The Wolverines outgained Utah and accumulated less penalty yardage but Utah's defense and special teams outplayed Michigan. Travis Wilson played very well, even after suffering a brutal flip out of bounds, and finished 14-20 for 172 yards and a touchdown.

Sam Barbee: Follow on Twitter It's hard to argue with the three picks by Utah. To me, that could say two things: maybe Devin Gardner isn't very good for Michigan, or that Utah's defense is very good.

Jack Follman: Follow on Twitter Three interceptions to one, in a low-scoring, defensive struggle like this, you have to limit mistakes and the Utes forced Utah into three of them through the air.

What are your thoughts on the Utes through the first few weeks?  How would you grade their chances on beating Washington State based on what you’ve seen so far?

Trace Travers: They’re still undefeated, and Washington State isn’t shaping up to be what everyone though. If Wilson comes back, the Utes will be solid and their passing defense seems robust enough to withstand the Air Raid.

Patrick Ghidossi: They’ve handled business and won in a place that’s traditionally faily difficult to win in. Wazzou will pose a significantly tougher assignment defensive assignment and the Utes’ offense will have to move the ball well. Without Wilson that task becomes a bit tougher. I think Utah still clips the Cougars in a close one.

Sam Barbee: They’ve won their games, that should mean enough. I think Utah is the early favorite against WSU, regardless of how WSU does against Oregon. A win at Michigan isn’t to be sneezed at.

Jack Follman: The Utes are one of a few Pac-12 teams that have yet to heavily disappoint thus far this season and they are doing just about as well as possible.

I think they are looking good with Washington State coming to town. They showed against Fresno State that they can put up points against bad defenses, like Washington State’s and will still likely have a great home field advantage in Salt Lake City.