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Washington State's near upset of Oregon muddles both teams' expectations

The Cougars came into the game on life support and the Ducks flying high, but Washington State nearly pulled off the win.

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What are your thoughts on the Ducks through the first few weeks as they head into the bye? Have they exceeded, met, or fallen below expectations?

Sam Barbee: Follow on Twitter They're actually below expectations at this point. For once, they look vulnerable in non-conference play. As I wrote above, their games against Stanford, UCLA, Oregon State (and Washington?) are going to be very, very interesting.

Trace Travers: Follow on Twitter Good teams struggle from time to time, but the Ducks showed their extra gear against Michigan State this year. I wouldn't be worried yet.

Roy Stenlund: Follow on Twitter Oregon has done well. They have probably the best quarterback and offense in the nation. However, their defense needs work, as WSU exposed.

Jack Follman: Follow on Twitter The Ducks have narrowly met expectations. They exceeded them after getting a great (on paper) win against a big opponent from the Big Ten (Which, as I have said, doesn't mean much anymore), but got drug down by nearly losing at Washington State while getting their glaring weaknesses exposed.

What are your thoughts on the Cougars through the first few weeks? What would you grade their chances to beat Utah?

Sam Barbee: The easy answer would be "disappointing" and "they are bad." But that game moving forward will do a lot for their confidence. They played the No. 2 team in the country to the final whistle. That's not bad a for a team with a 1-3 record with two really bad losses and a win over an FCS team.

Trace Travers: They're up and down, but they will improve as the season goes on. Whether this game is a turning point remains to be seen, but I think Utah will still be tough to take down for Wazzu.

Roy Stenlund: The Cougars are a mystery team even to those who follow them closely. They lose to Nevada, then play great against Oregon. There is no predicting what this team will do. If the team that played Nevada shows, Utah will crush them. But if the team that almost took down Oregon shows up, Utah will be in big trouble. There is literally no predicting the Utah-WSU matchup.

Jack Follman: The Cougars initially looked like they were on life support, but being about the fifth team Pac-12 to take Oregon to the wire the past three years brought them back and clouded my perceptions of them. I would still have to say they have disappointed thus far though as they should have came into the Oregon game undefeated.

I think they have a great shot against Utah as long as they don't have a hangover. Heading into Salt Lake with equal talent and coming away with a win, but the Utes are still very beatable and the Cougars will definitely test their defense.