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Oregon State wraps up solid non-conference run with convincing win over San Diego State

The Beavers head into conference play 3-0.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

The word I would best use to describe Oregon State's performance is _____________ because _____________.

Trace Travers: Follow on Twitter Let's go with workmanlike. The Beavers took care of business, playing good defense and taking the lead with their running game. That's what you have to do in taking care of business against the teams you have to beat

Roy Stenlund: The word I would use to describe the Beavers is Blue Collar, because they rolled up their sleeves and got the work done.

James Crabtree-Hannigan: Pleasing because they finally put together a full performance. The defense got bullied up on the first drive and gave up a touchdown but obviously that was it. The offense kind of stalled in the 4th but that was when the Beavs were just running to run out the clock and the game was basically over.

Patrick Ghidossi: Follow on Twitter I would describe it as effective. They did what they needed to do on offense, and held SDSU scoreless for the rest of the game after that first touchdown. The Aztecs are a team that the Beavers needed to beat by multiple scores and they went out and did that efficiently.

Jack Follman: Follow on Twitter Solid. San Diego State is a good mid-major and the Beavers beat them convincingly in Corvallis, as they should.

Check out the box score. What were the key stats of the game to you?

Trace Travers: Allowing 215 yards of total offense is no small feat, along with 4.1 yards per pass attempt. That implies a lot of good tackling to make sure there weren't many big gains with yards after the catch.

Roy Stenlund: Not a lot of stats jump out in this one.  Oregon State held  SDSU to 215 yards, and only had 372 yards of offense themselves. Good defense by both squads.

James Crabtree-Hannigan: Is it cheating to use a career stat? Sean Mannion became Oregon State's all-time leading passer during the game and moved into 3rd all-time for the conference. He's just chugging away and should unseat Matt Barkley for conference leader by the end of the year.

Patrick Ghidossi: Storm Woods and Terron Ward going for a combined 102 yards and 4 touchdowns has to be a big positive. The Beavers have been accused of becoming one dimensional at times on offense and although this was against inferior competition, a four score performance from your two leading rushers is encouraging.

Jack Follman: Terron Ward and Storm Wood combining for more than 100 yards and four touchdowns. Improving their run game was one of the Beavers' biggest objectives coming into 2014 and they are making strides.

What was the most impressive part of Oregon State's performance and why? Who were the standout players and coaches and why?

Roy Stenlund: The most impressive thing about this win is the control of the game. They owned SDSU throughout the entire contest.  It was never really in doubt who would win.

James Crabtree-Hannigan: The defense. They gave up a 75-yard touchdown drive to start the game, 50 of which came on the ground. From then on they really locked it down, shutting the Aztecs out, with 46 yards being the longest SDSU drive from that point on.

Patrick Ghidossi: As noted above, the defense shutting down the Aztecs for 55 minutes is pretty impressive. This was always a game they should win but they never let it get uncomfortable. If they can carry that defensive tenacity into the Pac-12 slate the Beavers could make some serious noise.

Jack Follman: The defense overall, the Beavers nearly held the Aztecs to less than 200 total yards and picked off two passes.

What were the most concerning aspect of Oregon State's performance and why? Which coaches and players struggled the most and why?

Roy Stenlund: The most concerning thing about this game would be that OSU didn't score more and have more offense. However, they really didn't need any more, so it's not that big of a deal.

James Crabtree-Hannigan: Nothing about this was particularly concerning. Every position group on the field had good moments and bad ones, but the good definitely outweighed the bad. The pass protection was pretty shaky but Mannion made up for that with great pocket presence.

Patrick Ghidossi: Anytime OSU doesn't score through the air, there's at least some cause for concern. Sean Mannion had a very average game and the offensive line's protection was questionable at points. But, they found a way to win convincingly and it's a safe bet that Mannion will bounce back.

Jack Follman: The Beaver passing game still looks a little pedestrian without Brandin Cooks or Markus Wheaton.

What are your thoughts on the Beavers through the first few weeks?  How would you grade their chances of beating USC based on what you've seen?

Roy Stenlund: The Beavers are off to one of their best starts in years. I am very impressed with them. Look out USC, can you say "upset"?

James Crabtree-Hannigan: The Beavers look much better going into week 5 than they have in most years. Sure they've played Portland St, Hawaii, and San Diego State, but they've won all 3, improved each week, and looked pretty impressive in the end. USC's coming off a bye that followed an embarrassing loss. If USC comes out firing on all cylinders, inspired by the loss to Boston College, they could run OSU out of the stadium, a la 2013. But if Oregon State plays well and USC takes some time to shake off bye week rust, we could see an upset.

Patrick Ghidossi: Oregon State took care of business in the non-conference slate this season and looked confident doing it. I could very easily see them holding a mid-game lead on USC and holding on to make it a close one late. However USC has more than enough talent on defense to shut down Mannion and Co. If we're going to see an OSU upset, the offense is going to have to be producing in all four quarters.

Jack Follman: The Beavers have been the most average of any Pac-12 team thus far. They should have won their first three games, they did, but they did it in fairly unspectacular fashion. I am confident in them giving USC a good game, but I just don't know if they are explosive enough to get the win over the Trojans.