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Pac-12 Quarterback Review: Week Four

Power-ranking the conference's quarterbacks after another explosive weekend.

Anu Solomon eyes one of his 47 completions against Cal in Week Four
Anu Solomon eyes one of his 47 completions against Cal in Week Four
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

This was another fantastic weekend for quarterbacks in the conference. When the best performances are record breaking and the worst are just boringly efficient, one can't help but be impressed with the quality week in, week out. Even with some stars sitting this week out, there were still most definitely some fireworks.

1)   Anu Solomon, Arizona

The quality of the quarterbacks in this league is truly impressive. Any given week, any quarterback can explode. This week, it was Anu Solomon. Sure, it was on an awe-inspiring number of attempts, and came as part of a frantic comeback, but this performance can’t be understated. 47-73 for 520 yards and five touchdowns is, quite frankly, ridiculous. The fourth quarter comeback by the ‘Cats was fired by Solomon stepping his game up, and the stats he put up bear that out.

2)   Conor Halliday, Washington State

It’s hard to put the losing quarterback above the winning one in a game, but what Halliday is doing this season is almost unbelievable. Halliday is on pace for one of the most impressive seasons ever by a Pac-12 quarterback, continuing his blistering pace even against the solid Oregon defense. 43/63 for 436 yards and four touchdowns are video game numbers, put simply. He almost single-handedly dragged Washington State to an impressive upset, and his play is keeping the team in games week-in, week-out.

3)   Marcus Mariota, Oregon

What was most impressive about Mariota’s game against the Cougs was his calm in the face of consistent pressure. Despite being sacked seven times, he was still able to go 21-25 for 329, plus another 58 yards on the ground. The quality of quarterback play in this league is shown most clearly through a performance like this only slotting in at third in the conference.

4)   Jared Goff, California

It’s tough to be a quarterback in this league, when a game like Jared Goff had is middle of the road. 18-30 for 300 and three touchdowns is by no means a bad day. But when you look at what other quarterbacks did, it would be hard to justify anything but middle of the road. With Goff at the controls, it’s clear the Bears will be able to score. The question is whether they’ll be able to keep up in the shootouts they’ll likely be getting into.

5) Sean Mannion, Oregon State

What sticks out most about Mannion’s performance this week isn’t gaudy numbers, but the machine-like efficiency that he showed in ripping San Diego State apart. Now Oregon State’s all-time leading passer, and under a thousand yards passing away from the conference mark, his 24-31 for 275 yards performance was exactly what Oregon State needed in a confidence building win.

6)   Sefo Liufau, Colorado

Sefo Liufau didn’t have his best game of the year, but he led Colorado to a win in a must-win game, an important step for the Buffaloes. 29-45 for 287 with two touchdowns and two interceptions isn’t necessarily world beating, but it got the job done against a feisty if ineffectual Hawaii team.

7)   Travis Wilson, Utah

Travis Wilson put on a gutsy performance against Michigan for a big non-conference win, but he shouldn’t have had too. Putting himself out there for the vicious hit he took instead of sliding was a risky move, especially coming off an injury-prone season. 14-20 for 170 yards and a touchdown is impressive, however, when considering that he didn’t play the whole game, and played a solid chunk of it while hurt.

8)   Cyler Miles, Washington

The mysterious case of the Washington offense, now starring Cyler Miles. He’s clearly an incredibly talented QB, with loads of potential. The entire offense looked out of sorts against Georgia State, particularly after falling behind early. Georgia State is, kindly speaking, not particularly good. In theory, it should have been his breakout day. Instead, 19-27 for 154 yards, and three touchdowns. Not terrible, definitely, but not exactly great. The Huskies will have to step it up big time with Stanford coming to town this weekend.

As with last week, that Cyler Miles' game was the worst of the week is impressive in itself. The week ahead includes some fantastic marquee match-ups in the conference, and it should be another fantastic weekend of offensive fireworks. Tune in next week for the Week Five power ranking!