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Cal & Colorado showcase their offensive fireworks. Can they stop anyone?

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Ezra Shaw

The word I would best use to describe Colorado's performance is _____________ because _____________. The word I would best use to describe Cal's performance is _____________ because _____________.

Trace Travers: For Colorado, I'd say their word is explosive. Sefo Liufau showed his talent in throwing any number of out routes that the Cal corners couldn't cover. And Nelson Spruce beat his school record  for receptions from last week, and probably should've gotten thrown to on that last fourth down. For Cal, the word is heart-stopping. Down the stretch, there were some plays that nearly caused heart attacks for all the old Blues in the stadium. Stephen Anderson had the game of his life, and Jared Goff clawed his team back into a game where the defense looked reminiscent of 2013.

Roy Stenlund: The word I'd use to describe Colorado's performance is hopeful, because they have demonstrated huge growth and are a much better team this year. The word I'd use for Cal's performance is wow, because their offense was very impressive.

Check out the box score. What were the key stats of the game to you?

Trace Travers: Over 1200 total yards between the two teams, 14 touchdown passes between the two QBs, and most importantly, three missed field goals for Will Oliver. Those misses decided the game

Roy Stenlund: Jared Goff completed 24 passes for 458 yards, a 10.9 yard per catch average. Almost 11 yards per catch is incredible.

What was the most impressive part of Cal's performance and why? What was the most concerning part of their performance?

Trace Travers: The most impressive part was the consistent ability of the offense to bounce back and make plays in the second half. Goff may be the best Cal quarterback since Aaron Rodgers, and he made some excellent throws, like one on a four verticals play to Kenny Lawler early in the second half. The concerns are obviously in the secondary, where they are having problems covering underneath routes, screens, and have gotten burned deep when they creep up to stop these routes. With Washington State up next, that problem needs to be shored up immediately

Roy Stenlund: The most impressive part of Cal's performance was obviously their offense and their ability to score when needed. Stopping Colorado in overtime was also good. The most concerning part of their performance was the lack of defense.Traveling to Pullman to face WSU this week will be a huge challenge.

What was the most impressive part of Colorado's performance and why? What was the most concerning part of their performance?

Trace Travers: The Buffs managed to come back at the end after getting down with about 2:30 left in the game. They kept their game plan going, hammered away, and got the score with 30 seconds to play. That resilience hasn't been there for Colorado in the past few years, mostly because they haven't had the chance to show it. The Buffs' concern has to be in their secondary too. Stephen Anderson lining up at the tight end spot flummoxed the defense, and I counted at least five times where Anderson ran an 8-yard sit route in between the underneath zones, caught it, and fell backward for another couple, and no adjustments were made. That's a big issue, along with Kenny Lawler, Chris Harper, and Bryce Treggs victimizing their secondary.

Roy Stenlund: The most impressive part of Colorado's performance was also the offense. They have made huge strides in the past year. I never expected them to be so explosive. For them to match Cal's offense was truly an impressive thing. The most concerning part of their performance was they couldn't hold it together in overtime and get the win.

I would grade Colorado's September a(n)  ____________________ because __________________________.

Trace Travers: I'll give the Buffs a C, mostly due to inconsistency. They barely beat UMass, stopped Hawaii well enough, but got beaten by Colorado State and Arizona State pretty handily. Their defense got smacked around on Saturday, and if the last play was any indication, their offensive execution needs a little work

Roy Stenlund: I'd give Colorado a B grade for September, mostly because they are way better than I thought they would be at this point of the season. They have a long way to go, but are off to a good start. Getting a few wins and playing Cal to overtime was a great start to their rebuilding process.

I would grade Cal's September a(n)  ____________________ because __________________________.

Trace Travers: The Bears get a B+ at this point. Who'd have thought Cal would be 3-1 and one play away from 4-0? Defense still needs a lot of work, but the Bear Raid is up and running in the second year of the Dykes regime.

Roy Stenlund: I'd give Cal a A- grade for September because they are playing great. It would have been an A except for the one loss. I don't think anyone expected to see them this far along in their rebuilding after the disaster that was last year.