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Jack Follman's Top 25 with a Pac-12 Focus week two: Oregon moves up to second spot

Each week I put out my own Top 25 rankings that focus on the Pac-12 teams included.

Steve Dykes

1. Florida State 2-0

2. Oregon 2-0

The Ducks put together what could be the most impressive win of the non-conference season. Now only the defending champs stand in their way as long as they don't slip up in Pac-12 play.

3. Auburn 2-0

4. Alabama 2-0

5. Oklahoma 2-0

6. Baylor 2-0

7. Georgia 1-0

8. LSU 2-0

9. USC 2-0

The Trojans win over Stanford wasn't a thing of beauty, but a huge testament to their defense as they gutted it out and held Stanford to just 10 points at home. The Trojans are now the favorite to take the Pac-12 South.

10. Texas A&M 2-0

11. Notre Dame 2-0

12. Mississippi 2-0

13. Wisconsin 1-1

14. Virginia Tech 2-0

15. UCLA 2-0

Even this feels a little generous for the Bruins as their defense failed to show up after their offense was M.I.A. the week before. The Bruins have done little to impress against questionable competition thus far in 2014.

16. Stanford 1-1

Another heartbreaking loss to USC where the Cardinal simply had just a few things go wrong that cost them the game. They are going to have to have an impressive run through the Pac-12 to get back into the Playoff conversation.

17. Michigan State 1-1

18. Oklahoma State 1-1

19. BYU 2-0

20. Florida 1-0

21. Missouri 2-0

22. Louisville 2-0

23. Arizona State 2-0

I am finally putting the Sun Devils in my Top 25. They are still questionable on defense, but their offense looks as explosive as any in the Pac-12 right now.

24. Kansas State 2-0

25. South Carolina 1-1