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Arizona football recruiting: scouting take on wide receiver commit Darrell Clark

The Wildcats have been hitting Louisiana hard this cycle in recruiting and Clark makes it six commitments from the Bayou State (and counting)

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's amazing how much Arizona has targeted Louisiana in this recruiting cycle. They now have six players committed from there. That's more than they have from their own state of Arizona.

The latest commitment is wide receiver Darrell Clark, who announced his commitment yesterday, and he's the second from Warren Easton in New Orleans. They're hoping he isn't their final one as they wait to see what happens with edge player Arthur McGinnis and wide receiver Clyde Leflore, both of whom are also from Warren Easton.

Let's forget about those players for now though. What kind of player are the Wildcats getting in Clark?

Darrell Clark - 3 star wide receiver

Clark is a very good player after the catch. He has good long speed and can run away from defenders if he has a step to go along with the ability to make people miss in the open field as well. Even though he isn't the biggest guy, he'll break some tackles as well with sheer determination. As a receiver, he's a natural hands catcher that adjusts well to the football.

One thing that Clark lacks is a suddenness out of his breaks. He isn't explosive out of his cuts and for that reason he needs to keep working to be a better route runner because I don't think he'll be able to create much separation using just his natural ability at the college level.

What Clark doesn't lack though is toughness. That same edge he has when breaking tackles after the catch shows up with him as a special teams contributor as well. He's not afraid to play physical and block as well as tackle. That's the kind of thing that can help him see the field earlier in his career.

Rich Rodriguez and his staff have done a good job of recruiting and developing wide receivers at Arizona and Clark is another solid pickup at the position.