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Jim Mora Twitter follies continue, tweeting a recruit, deleting account for the second time

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Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

This is bordering on theater art of the absurd. Here is what the now-defunct Twitter account of Jim Mora did this time around.

If you might remember, there was a bizarre post-game situation where Mora was getting all confrontational with Kansas State coach Bill Snyder. Mora then went on an even more bizarre Twitter rant after the game saying that he would always defend his players, and then the Twitter account got deleted, then the Twitter account got moved, and then it was back but private, then it was really back, and then we were all supposed to move along with our lives. Or something. Huh?

Fast forward to yesterday. Mora's account tweeted the name of this recruit. This was odd.

Jim Mora Twitter

Mora's account then deleted that tweet, but before then tweeted out this bizarre explanation for that tweet.

Jim Mora Twitter

Mora's account then went dark. Again.

Jim Mora Twitter

Now, most college football coaches don't touch their phones. It's usually a social media handler who's in charge of Tweeting things out, with the coach occasionally chiming in with his own comments. Clearly, there are times where Mora is running this account, and other times where someone else is not Tweeting from here. How can a Pac-12 program not have a good social media manager for your most prominent athletic leader?

Someone at UCLA needs to figure things out. It's pretty ridiculous that these things keep on happening.