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Pac-12 TV Guide week 11: Oregon and Stanford set for another showdown

Avinash Kunnath & Jack Follman rank this week's Pac-12 games based on watchability.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

1. Oregon at Stanford - 4:30 PM FOX

AK: Not exactly the game of the year it used to be, but Oregon still has the offense to keep pace with their archnemesis. And Stanford never has an easy game with Oregon--even when they play them well their usual margin of victory is 3, 6, 9. The Cardinal defense is still vulnerable, so the Ducks should put up points. The bigger question: Can Oregon get stops?

JF: Pretty much anything that could have realistically happened to turn this game into a big game the past month has happened. It's now Oregon's turn to try and play spoiler to Stanford's national title dreams and they have potential to do it with their rejuvenated offense and Stanford's questionable defense.

2. Washington State at UCLA - 7:45 PM ESPN

AK: UCLA has a lot at stake, so I imagine they'll pull this one out, but Wazzu is playing with house money the rest of the year. Fun game that should be filled with offensive fireworks, although the Bruins having the advantage in the trenches will give them a significant edge.

JF: The Bruins are a lot more talented than the Cougars and playing at home with a lot at stake, but the last time we saw the Bruins in Pasadena, they were really struggling with Colorado and maybe more than any team in the bipolar Pac-12, seem to be a different team each week. The Cougars have a great chance to win this game or at least keep it close ala their game against Stanford.

3. Utah at Arizona - 7 PM FOX Sports 1

AK: Trap. TRAP. Arizona is feisty and looking for a big win to assure a bowl game, and they boatraced Utah in Salt Lake City last year. This is the type of offense Utah's defense generally has struggled with, so if the Wildcats have begun to click again on that side, the Utes need to be prepared to score some points.

JF: Agree, this game is on upset watch. The Utes won at Washington last week, but still somehow looked incredibly vulnerable and now have to go right back on the road and play a team that is damn near playing for their life. I'm not predicting a Wildcat win, I am just saying this has the potentially to be a really close game, especially if Anu Solomon can stay on track.

4. Washington at Arizona State - 12 PM Pac-12 Networks

AK: With both teams at 4-5, this could be a "loser goes home in December" matchup. It's a pretty even playing field--ASU has an explosive enough offense going up against a great defense in Washington.  Can the Sun Devils get their defense back into gear though? Washington isn't anything great offensively but all their defense probably needs is 28 points.

JF: Both these teams will be playing for their bowl eligibility lives and are flawed teams that still have some things they are really good at. There isn't a ton at stake here in the bigger scheme of the Pac-12, but it is one of those games that still has a ton at stake for both teams and should be hotly contested.

5. USC at Colorado - Friday 6 PM ESPN2

AK: Would like Colorado upset bid more if they had a full week to prepare, but six days is just a recipe for pain. The more talented team usually wins short week games, and USC is way, way more talented.

JF: It just keeps seeming like Colorado is due for a big upset at some point, but I just don't think this is it. Still, USC didn't look great at home against a reeling Arizona team so maybe they will stumble into Boulder and this will be a game.

6. Oregon State at Cal - 7:30 PM Pac-12 Networks

AK: Gross. Cal will either win convincingly or this will officially be a lost season.  Oregon State is just hoping to squeak a Pac-12 victory somewhere and this might be their best shot before they finish with the Northwest rivals.

JF: Cal NEEDS this game. Cal really NEEDS this game, but Oregon State needs it to and I don't think they lay down.