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Pacific Takes Top 25 11/15: four Pac-12 teams now in rankings

Oregon moves into the Top 25 as Stanford and Utah drop.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ohio State

2. Clemson

3. Alabama

4. Oklahoma State

5. Iowa

6. Notre Dame

7. Oklahoma

8. Florida

9. Baylor

10. TCU

11. Houston

12. Michigan State

13. North Carolina

14. Michigan

15. Navy

16. Wisconsin

17. Northwestern

18. Stanford

And here we are... when was the last time the Pac-12's top-ranked team was number 18? This is pretty sad for the conference as Stanford once against comes up short of their potential.

19. LSU

20. Utah

Ahh, the other Pac-12 Playoff hopeful. The Utes no longer control their own destiny in the South, but can still put together a great season and get to the Rose Bowl. This would still be a huge accomplishment considering their preseason expectations.

21. Florida State

22. Washington State

The Cougars proved that they are a legit Top 25 team by winning at UCLA. They can easily win their last two games against Colorado and Washington and sneak into the Top 10 heading into bowl season.

23. Oregon

The Ducks might be the hottest team in the country as they have officially found themselves after beating Stanford. They still probably won't win the North, but they are the last team anyone in the Pac-12 wants to play right now.

24. Mississippi State

25. Mississippi