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Pacific Takes Top 25 11/2: Only two Pac-12 teams remain in Top 25

Only Stanford and Utah still in the Top 25.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ohio State

2. LSU

3. Baylor

4. TCU

5. Clemson

6. Alabama

7. Michigan State

8. Stanford

The Cardinal had a massive scare in Pullman. They still have a great shot at the Playoff, but avoiding an upset in November  is going to be tough and they have a huge showdown to finish the season against Notre Dame. They also will risk getting passed up by undefeated teams if they keep having close games.

9. Iowa

10. Oklahoma State

11. Florida

12. Notre Dame

13. Utah

The Utes are lurking as a Pac-12 darkhorse, but they haven't looked like anything special the past couple of weeks. They are going to have to have to dominate the rest of the Pac-12 regular season if they want to have a hope to get back to being a seriously Playoff contender.

14. Memphis

15. Oklahoma

16. Houston

17. Michigan

18. Toledo

19. Temple

20. Florida State

21. Mississippi

22. North Carolina

23. Mississippi State

24. Texas A&M

25. Wisconsin