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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 11/3: Ducks rise in North

We ask Pac-12 fans to rank the Pac-12 divisions each week.

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1. Stanford (#1 last week) The Cardinal had their first real scare of the Pac-12 season but pulled it out in a magical way that makes you wonder if that was their lucky win that every championship team needs to get. Just in Pac-12 terms though, the Cardinal can still lose a game and keep their spot atop the North.

2. Washington State (#2 last week) Not too much harm in the Cougars losing by two points to Stanford. They have to watch out for Oregon sneaking up on them in November though.

3. Oregon (#4 last week) The Ducks somehow pulled out a win at Arizona State and kept their thin North title hopes alive. November is going to be tough, but it's not entirely impossible the Ducks could sweep the month and climb up another spot in the North.

4. Cal (#3 last week) The Bears have lost three-straight as their schedule has toughened up. They have a major North showdown this Saturday at Oregon they need to win to maintain any hope of winning the North.

5. Washington (#5 last week) The Huskies got a much-needed blowout win over Arizona, but it didn't move the needle around the conference. They can do that if they can upset Utah in Seattle Saturday.

6. Oregon State (#6 last week) The Beavers actually played fairly well at Utah, but getting a Pac-12 win this year is going to be tough.


1. Utah (#1 last week) The Utes weren't particularly impressive against the conference's worst team, but that might not mean much. They have a nice grasp on the South, but have to watch out for a trap game at Washington this week.

2. USC (#2 last week) Another week, another impressive Pac-12 win for the Trojans. They are looking like the most-likely team to step up in the South if Utah stumbles down the stretch.

3. UCLA (#3 last week) The Bruins almost got beat by Colorado again and look very vulnerable. The good news for them is that with Arizona State's loss to Oregon, they are the only team other than Utah that controls their own destiny in the South now.

4. Arizona State (#4 last week) The Sun Devils probably glued themselves to the bottom half of the South with their crazy loss to Oregon. They get a very tough test at Washington State this week.

5. Arizona (#5 last week) The Wildcats are in meltdown mode after an embarrassing blowout at Washington. They are in very serious danger of not making a bowl game after getting to five wins in mid-October.

6. Colorado (#6 last week) The Buffs might be able to catch Arizona if they can win another game this year.