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Which Pac-12 underclassmen might declare for the 2016 NFL Draft?

These underclassmen might head to the draft early.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With the regular season wrapped up, all but two teams are either waiting for their bowl or next season. Those already looking ahead to next season no that one of the most important things to factor in is which underclassmen head to the draft early and the Pac-12 has plenty of players who might do just that this year.

Here are the players I think are most likely to consider declaring early this year.

Ishmael Adams Jr. CB UCLA

Why go? Adams was regarded as arguably the top cover corner in the conference heading into 2015 and has flashed his big play ability throughout the season. As a redshirt junior, he has been in college for four years and might want to move on and try to become a professional after dealing with some off-the-field issues at the start of the season.

Why stay? 2015 started off horribly for Adams as he struggled to hold onto his starting job and got into an ugly off-the-field incident. He has recovered, but hasn't played to his 2014 level and he will need to if he wants to guarantee getting drafted due to his lack of size (he is listed at 5'8).

Stay or go? Stay - I think he returns to try and bounce back and show that he is truly an all-conference-level player.

Where would he go? Undrafted free agent

Bralon Addison Jr. WR Oregon

Why go? Addison has shown this season that he is fully back to being one of the Pac-12's most explosive and speedy receivers and return men after missing all of 2014 due to injury. As a redshirt junior, he has been in college for four years and what he could prove in one more season might not be enough to warrant returning for another year and risking injury along with catching passes from a new quarterback.

Why stay? Addison has had a couple of really good seasons, but he has never had that true breakout, 1,000-yard season that could turn him into a top of the draft prospect.

Stay or go? Stay - Logic to me seems to suggest that Addison should go make money, but Oregon seems to be the last team in the nation in the business of convincing players they need to come back to play for free so I think he stays.

Where would he go? Fourth or fifth round

Zach Banner Jr. T USC

Why go? Banner hasn't done too much on the field, but he is a 6'9 360 two-year starter for the Trojans and that would assuredly be enough to get him drafted. Plus, he would be sticking around to play one season for his third coach as USC with a lot of young talent around him and likely coming in with the next class to challenge his spot.

Why stay? Banner has started two years for the Trojans and has out of this world measurables, but he certainly hasn't done anything to show that he is an NFL player. However, with those measureables, he could easily become a Top 10 pick if he has a Joshua Garnett-style senior season where he finally puts it all together.

Stay or go? Stay - That unlimited draft potential Banner has if he can have a great senior year should be enough for him to come back and work through a frustrating coaching situation.

Where would he go? Sixth or seventh round.

Caleb Benenoch Jr. T UCLA

Why go? Benenoch has slowly and steadily turned himself into one of the best tackles in the conference since he began starting as a true freshman. He has done enough to show that he should get a decent shot at playing at the next level.

Why stay? While Benenoch has transformed into a very good tackle, he still isn't the elite player he has the potential to be and could play his way into maybe even the first round if he progresses into an All-American as a senior.

Stay or go? Stay - Benenoch will come back to try to bring things full circle and become a first rounder.

Where would he go? Third or fourth round.

Darren Carrington So. WR Oregon

Why go? Carrington has done more with less time than just about any receiver in the Pac-12 as he put up huge numbers  in just half a season for the Ducks after serving a suspension. He might want to take the steps to being a professional after two minor off-the-field issues have caused  him to miss a lot of games in his career. Plus, Oregon will be breaking in a new quarterback next season.

Why stay? Carrington has pretty much only really seen major action in less than a season's worth of games. He could rocket himself up draft boards by showing he can stay on the field for a full season and excel.

Stay or go? Stay - Carrington can really improve his draft stock with a full season playing at the level he has in his last seven games of action.

Where would he go? Six or seventh round.

Kenny Clark Jr. DT UCLA

Why go? Clark has established himself as one of the nation's top defensive tackles and a likely first round draft choice.

Why stay? He could do what DeForest Buckner did and play himself from the back half of the first round to the front half with a dominant enough senior season.

Stay or go? Go - Clark is an early-second rounder at best. Time to go.

Where he can go? Late-first to early-second round.

Su'a Cravens Jr. LB USC

Why go? Cravens is one of the most unique athletes in the country who could be a star at outside linebacker or safety at the next level and is a first or second round prospect. Also, he would be in third coach of his college career situation in 2015.

Why stay? Cravens could lock himself in as a first round prospect if he could position himself as a clear linebacker or safety and have a monster season in 2016.

Stay or go? Go - Cravens is almost assuredly a first or second round prospect who probably doesn't want to come back and play for a new coach again.

Where he can go? Late-first or somewhere in the second.

Justin Davis Jr. RB USC

Who go? The only reason I put Davis on here is that  he might want to jump to potentially avoid losing a lot of carries next year to star in the making Ronald Jones, especially since he will have a new coaching staff.

Why stay? Davis will have to have a big senior season to draw major NFL attention.

Stay or go? Stay - Ultimately Davis has a better shot at putting up enough numbers to get drafted while splitting with Jones than he does getting drafted now.

Where would he go? Undrafted free agent.

Hunter Dimick Jr. DE Utah

Why go? Dimick was one of the nation's leading sackmasters as a sophomore and has the size to hold up on the edge in the NFL which could get him drafted. He also might want to not risk coming back for his senior season as coming back and struggling with injuries again could cement him as injury prone.

Why stay? Dimick has missed a lot of time and 2015 and hasn't been able to establish himself as the star player he has the potential to be. He could do himself a lot of favors if he comes back for his senior season and has double-digit sacks.

Stay or go? Stay - Dimick needs to come back and show what he can do with a full healthy season.

Where would he go? Seventh round or undrafted free agent.

Thomas Duarte Jr. WR UCLA

Why go? Duarte has exploded down the stretch as one of the Pac-12's best red zone threats who might want to strike while the iron is hot.

Why stay? Duarte is going to have to be really productive to make himself a great NFL prospect since he is a tweener. He could do that next year if he comes back and is Josh Rosen's top target with Jordan Payton graduated.

Stay or go? Stay - Duarte needs another year or major production to become a major draft prospect.

Where would he go? Seventh round or undrafted free agent

Luke Falk So. QB Washington State

Why go? Falk put up about as big of numbers as possible and the NFL is dying for players who can throw the ball all around the field the way he can.

Why stay? He is a redshirt sophomore and usually only physical freak QBs can get away with having just one year of production get them drafted.

Stay or go? Stay - Unless Falk's NFL stock starts soaring and Mike Leach leaves WSU, Falk is coming back.

Where would he go? Sixth or seventh round.

Salamo Fiso Jr. LB Arizona State

Why go? Fiso turned into one of the best linebackers in the Pac-12 this season and is especially skilled at making plays in the backfield, a skill that could make him a nice draw to a lot of NFL teams.

Why stay? While good Pac-12 fans are very familiar with Fiso, his buzz is pretty quiet and he would benefit from coming back and having an even bigger year as a senior.

Stay or go? Stay - Fiso doesn't have the size to immediately put him near the top of the draft so he would be well suited by adding to his resume with another season.

Where would he go? Fifth or sixth round.

Jared Goff Jr. QB Cal

Why go? Goff has established himself as a near guarantee to be one of the first three quarterbacks taken in the draft and a Top 15 pick if he declares.

Why stay? Goff has been inconsistent at times enough to the point where he could slip in the draft. He would erase any of those doubts if he came back and had a lights out senior year.

Stay or go? Go - Goff is pretty much guaranteed to be one of the first three quarterbacks taken and probably won't fall past the first half of the first round.

Where can he go? Top 15

Austin Hooper Jr. TE Stanford

Why go? Hooper could be the first tight end taken in a weak tight end class should he decide to declare. Stanford will also be breaking in a new quarterback next year and they already don't get him the ball enough with a senior QB.

Why stay? Hooper is actually a redshirt sophomore (Stanford lists players by academic year) so he probably needs at least another year to graduate with an excellent degree. He also would likely need to come back and have a more productive year to make himself a first round pick.

Stay or go? Stay - Hooper will come back to have the chance to have a huge year and become a first round pick.

Where could he go? Second round.

Myles Jack Jr. LB UCLA

Already declared. Will go somewhere in the first round.

Cayleb Jones Jr. WR Arizona

Why go? Jones is a redshirt junior, has an NFL body and big play/red zone potential and a coach who might not be around next year. It might be time for him to just make the jump.

Why stay? Jones' production really shrunk this year so he might need to come back for another year and hope that he can show that he can put up the numbers he did as a sophomore again.

Stay or go? Go - I think four years out of high school with a lot of uncertainty about Rich Rodriguez and no guarantee that Arizona will have a passing game to get him the ball next season, Jones will move on.

Where can he go? Sixth or seventh round

Kenny Lawler Jr. WR Cal

Why go? Lawler is one of the best big play/red zone threats in the Pac-12 and would likely have to play without Goff and Cal's other best receivers who all are seniors.

Why stay? Lawler has really faded in the second half of the season (he has been injured) and has become an afterthought in the Pac-12. He could also really help his stock if he could come back and have an 1,000-yard season.

Stay or go? Go - Lawler has really hurt his stock by fading in the second half of the season, but I don't think he wants to stick around for one year with a new quarterback and fellow receivers.

Where can he go? Sixth or seventh round.

Gabe Marks Jr. WR Washington State

Why go? Marks it the Pac-12's best pure receiver, has  proven just about all he can at this level and is four years out of high schools since he redshirted last year.

Why stay? I guess Marks could boost his NFL stock a little bit by doing a victory lap of sorts and getting more national attention.

Stay or go? Go - What Marks could gain by coming back doesn't warrant risking injury.

Where can he go? Fourth or fifth round.

Paul Perkins Jr. RB UCLA

Why go? There is nothing left  for Perkins to prove - he has run for more than 3,000 yards in three years with back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons and is a redshirt junior.

Why stay? Maybe Perkins would want to try and bulk up to NFL running back weight for a season to show he can have NFL size?

Stay or go? Go - There is no real reason for him to come back, he could have left last year.

Where can he go? Third or fourth round.

Alex Redmond Jr. G UCLA

Why go? Redmond has started the past three seasons for the Bruins and been an all-conference type player each year. He has done enough, especially with his mobility to get himself drafted should he declare.

Why stay? Redmond could move himself up to the top half of the draft if he comes back and has a first-team all-Pac-12-level season.

Stay or go? Stay, Redmond is a late pick at best but could play himself a few rounds higher with a good enough senior season.

Where could he go? Sixth or seventh round.

Isaac Seumalo Jr. G Oregon State

Why go? Seumalo has first round potential, but has battled injuries the past couple of seasons and instability all around him on the Oregon State offensive line. Even with these issues, he is a guy who would get drafted and could play himself up in pre-draft testing. Also, the staff at Oregon State is not the one that he signed with.

Why stay? Seumalo has either been hurt or not playing to his former form for the past two years now. He needs to put together a season of fulfilled potential to get drafted where he should and he could do that as a senior.

Stay or go? Stay - Seumalo still has a lot to prove and I think he knows he can do it.

Where could he go? Fourth or fifth round.

Scooby Wright Jr. LB Arizona

Why go? Wright proved enough as a sophomore to keep himself as a potential first rounder even though he basically missed all of 2015 to injury. He might have more to lose by coming back then just going.

Why stay? Wright could solidify himself as one of the best linebackers in Pac-12 history if he came back and duplicated 2014.

Stay or go? Go - What Wright could gain by coming back wouldn't be worth it.

Where he can go? Late-first or early-second.