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10 best remaining Pac-12 games of 2015

November is packed with great Pac-12 games.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 football season is sadly already two-thirds over, but the good news is that the remaining games take on a new magnitude as each win and loss becomes more important. We ranked the top Pac-12 games going into the season, but things change so much once the season starts, that games fluctuate in how highly-anticipated they will ultimately be.

So with one month left in the season, here are what I think are the 10 best Pac-12 games left on the docket.

1. Notre Dame at Stanford 11/28

I hate putting this game here because it is not a conference game, but there is no getting around that this is building up to be a an epic quasi pre-Playoff game with the loser knocking themselves out of contention. The stakes could be as high as they come, the teams should be pretty evenly matched and the Pac-12's only shot at the Playoff will likely be on the line.

2. UCLA at USC 11/28

There is a chance that this could be the battle for the South crown and a trip to Santa Clara depending on how things play out. Even if it isn't exactly, it still will be a rivalry game that is very fun right now, evenly matched and potentially a showcase for Clay Helton to try and become a serious contender for the USC job.

3. UCLA at Utah 11/21

This game is setting up to be a huge decider in the South. The Utes can really tighten their grip with a win or the Bruins can take control with a win. Plus, we will get to see one of the biggest games in Salt Lake City in a long time and see how Josh Rosen commands the Bruins in what will probably be the most hostile environment he encounters all year.

4. Oregon at Stanford 11/14

Oregon's resurgence has turned what was viewed as a dead rivalry game a few weeks ago into a showdown. The Ducks will likely be the only thing standing in the way of the Cardinal and the North title. The Ducks don't have a defense that can halt Stanford's rejuvenated offense, but the Cardinal also no longer have an elite defense that can lock up Oregon's offense. This could be another Pac-12 North November classic and a chance for the Ducks to flip the script on Stanford and pull off the upset to crush their national title dreams.

5. Cal at Stanford 11/21

Sneaking up in the North is no longer a realistic possibility for the Bears, but spoiling Stanford's Playoff hopes are. The Bears are struggling right now but still have the tool set to at least threaten the Cardinal as they look a lot like a slightly better Washington State. The Bears will be essentially amped up for the chance to end their five-year losing streak in The Big Game.

6. USC at Oregon 11/21

This was billed as the conference's biggest game coming into the season between the two division favorites, but that kind of fell apart when both teams lost a combined six games by mid-October. Yet, this still looks like a great game with a lot at stake and might at worst be an Alamo or Holiday Bowl play-in.

7. Washington State at Washington 11/27

The rebirth of the Cougars and the growing pains of the young Huskies means that the Apple Cup is back to being a good game. This is still the most-heated traditional rivalry in the conference and at least one of these teams may be fighting for their bowl eligibility in the final game of the season.

8. Arizona at Arizona State 11/21

Both these teams are really struggling right now, but that might be what ends up making this a big game. Both of these teams very likely could have five wins coming out with only the winner emerging with a bowl invite.

9. Washington State at UCLA 11/14

A sneaky good game. UCLA will likely be trying to hang on to controlling their own destiny in the South and Cougars will be trying to maintain their momentum from the first half of the season. This is also a game that I think will be really evenly matched with Washington State's spread going against UCLA's injury-ravaged defense.

10. Utah at Washington  11/7

Maybe the toughest game left on the schedule for the Utes. This one pits the conference's two best defenses against each other in Seattle in a game that is huge for Washington's bowl hopes and Utah's Playoff, Pac-12 Title and South title hopes.