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Pac-12 bracketology 2/16: Stanford on the bubble?

Four Pac-12 teams make the tourney in our latest Pac-12 bracketology.

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Arizona 22-3 (10-2) RPI: 7 Seed: 2

Good wins: Gonzaga, Utah, San Diego State, at Stanford

Bad losses: at UNLV

Toughest remaining game: 2/28 at Utah

Cracking the number one seed, especially in the West is going to be a tall task down the stretch for Arizona, but they are firmly locked into a number two seed, and probably out West, as long as they don't slip up too much.

Utah 20-4 (10-2) RPI: 9 Seed: 3

Good wins: Wichita State, Stanford, UCLA

Toughest remaining game: 2/28 Arizona

The Utes are surging with a Top 10 RPI that has them right on the cusp of a two seed if they can play their cards right down the homestretch.

On the Bubble

Stanford 16-9 (7-6) RPI: 51 Seed: 11-play in

Good wins: at Texas Bad losses: at De Paul, at Washington State

Toughest remaining game: 3/7 at Arizona

Stanford is plummeting like a rock and it is fair. I think the Cardinal are just barely in right now, but they desperately need a signature in-conference win to prove they are more than just a 500. Pac-12 team.

UCLA 16-10 (8-5) RPI: 40 Seed: 11-play in

Good wins: Utah, at Stanford, Stanford

Toughest remaining game: 2/21 at Arizona

The nation's hottest bubble team is fresh off a sweep of the Oregon schools in LA and should get the nod over Stanford should only three Pac-12 teams make it in.

Oregon 18-8 (8-5) RPI: 61 Seed: NIT

Good wins: UCLA, Illinois Bad losses: at Washington State

Toughest remaining game: 2/22 Utah

The Ducks have a nice record, especially in-conference, but probably need just a little more to push themselves over the edge and into the tournament.

Hanging by a thread

Oregon State 16-9 (7-6) RPI: 82 Seed: NIT

Good wins: Arizona, UCLA Bad losses: Auburn, at Quinnipiac, at USC

Toughest remaining game: 2/19 Utah

The Beavers may have sank their bubble chances by losing at USC this weekend, but could maybe get in the conversation if they win the games they should down the stretch and pull off some upsets.

Cal 16-10 (6-7) RPI: 89 Seed: NIT

Good wins: Syracuse, UCLA Bad Losses: Cal State Bakersfield, Washington State, at USC

Toughest remaining game: 3/5 at Arizona

The Bears have  almost no more room for error, but their decent record still gives them a miracle shot at a crazy run down the stretch that could get them into the tournament.