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ESPN experts make 2015 college football playoff picks: Ohio State 1st, TCU 2nd, USC 3rd

For more on the Trojans, hit up Conquest Chronicles. For more on the Ducks, check out Addicted to Quack.

The ESPN experts have made their picks for the 2015 College Football playoff. Some of these make logical sense.

Ohio State Buckeyes (36 votes): The Buckeyes are set for life. They bring literally everyone back and should have three Heisman contending quarterbacks. They are ready to go and are big favorites to return to the title game next season.

TCU Horned Frogs (32 votes): TCU was the team that looked most impressive after getting bowl snubbed, and look very much like favorites to get back to this matchup next season.

Alabama Crimson Tide (17 votes): Alabama is going to always be on this list. They replace quite a bit but still seem to be the prohibitive SEC favorite...

Auburn Tigers (12 votes): ...although their rivals have a lot to say about this.

Baylor Bears (6 votes): Baylor also felt snubbed in their bid for the Final Four. They return quite a bit of talent.

Clemson Tigers (5 votes): Clemson? Okay.

Among Pac-12 contenders, we have one prohibitive favorite.

USC Trojans (23 votes): Of all the main contenders, USC is probably the most surprising to get so many early votes. The Trojans are a good team and have a lot of potential, but they have a lot of work to do before they can be considered a conference championship favorite. The team went 9-4 and will have an incredibly difficult schedule with the Pac-12 South (plus Oregon and Stanford) to maneuver.

Conquest Chronicles

Oregon Ducks (4 votes): Oregon is not getting a lot of love after losing a few key contributors, but they should have plenty of chances to win the Pac-12. The vote total is pretty lopsided at the moment, but I'd imagine the Ducks will ahve a lot to say about their place on the totem pole.

Addicted to Quack

Among other Pac-12 schools in the running, Arizona, Arizona State and Stanford all each received one vote.