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Arizona State football recruiting: scouting take on cornerback Kareem Orr

The Sun Devils grabbed an underrated player out of Tennessee

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In other years, getting a commitment from a player like Kareem Orr would make a lot more waves for Arizona State. A cornerback from SEC country with SEC and ACC offers would be a big deal.

Todd Graham has taken ASU's recruiting up a notch though and now it just seems like the Sun Devils landing a cornerback like Orr is how it should be. What kind of player is ASU getting in Orr?

Kareem Orr - 3 star cornerback

Orr might have been a 4 star player in a different recruiting cycle, but in a class filled with good talent at the corner position, he didn't quite garner the rankings he might have normally received. Regardless of ranking, Orr is good prospect at corner that has the size and length programs are looking for.

He's listed at 6'0" and around 185, but he looks a bit slimmer than that on film. His play fits with that weight though. He is a physical player that does a nice job of coming up in run support. I would like to see him wrap up a little more consistently, but he's not afraid to get his nose dirty to lay a lick on a ball carrier. He will fight through blocks and works hard to contribute in this area of the game.

I see that same physicality when he plays press coverage. He is very aggressive in his jam, almost too aggressive at times. It's a lot easier to reign in a player and refine his technique than to instill that kind of mentality though. He is fluid in his transitions and does a great job of mirroring and staying with receivers who attempt double moves.

He shows good speed and I really like his acceleration. He does a nice job of sticking his foot in the ground and exploding to the football and he also shows good ball skills with the ability to intercept the football.

Orr is a nice pickup who has the talent to develop into a solid starting cornerback in the Pac-12.