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Utah football recruiting: scouting take on guard Darrin Paulo

The Utes got a big recruiting win versus Oregon and Nebraska to land Paulo

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even sure if the coaching staffs at Oregon and Nebraksa saw this one coming.

Utah landed a huge commitment by beating out the Ducks and Cornhuskers for a commitment from offensive lineman Darrin Paulo. What kind of player are the Utes getting in Paulo?

Darrin Paulo - 3 star guard

There are just not many human beings walking this planet who are as big as Paulo. At 6'7" and well over 300 pounds, he is a massive individual. Any time someone is this big, weight could always be an issue. Listed at 330 in some places, he'll need to monitor it to keep it under control. However, he does not look like a sloppy 330. Throw that together with ridiculously long arms and he's got an NFL body already and he's just a kid.

To go along with that size, he flashes great strength with a violent punch in pass protection and a solid initial pop in the run game. The issue with Paulo is that he is extremely raw with his technique. He does not do a good job of fitting his block consistently and often does a one hitter where he gets a good pop on a defender, but doesn't sustain like he should. When he does, he can flat out destroy people because of his size. Part of the reason he doesn't sustain may be because he needs to play meaner as well. It's obvious when watching him that his pad level and hand placement in the run game needs to improve a great deal.

He plays left tackle, but does not show good enough feet to play tackle in college. He's definitely a candidate to move inside to guard. I mentioned his punch, which is very good, but the rest of his pass set needs some refining. He stands too tall and is too even with his footwork, which makes his edge really soft so rushers can beat him on the outside.

His effort is really encouraging for a player his size. It's easy to be lazy with the weight he has to carry around, but I don't feel that is an issue based on the limited film I have watched from him. I think it's mostly to do with technique. He is going to need some time to get ready to play in the Pac-12, but his potential is sky high because his physical tools are so impressive.