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Stanford football recruiting: scouting take on linebacker Gabe Reid

Reid is the edge rusher that the Cardinal were lacking in this recruiting class

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford seems to be just ticking off every open box with their 2015 recruiting class during the last month and they can now check off the outside linebacker box because of a commitment from Gabe Reid.

What kind of player are the Cardinal getting in Reid?

Gabe Reid - 3 star edge player

Reid plays with his hand on the ground in high school, but he'll clearly be playing outside linebacker in Stanford's 3-4 defense. The main concerns with Reid would have to do with his size. At 6'2", he doesn't have the ideal length they have had in the past with a player like Trent Murphy. But what Reid lacks in height and length, he more than makes up for with explosive quickness off the ball.

His speed off the edge is phenomenal. He has awesome pass rush potential because of the way he can bend around the edge. He can adjust his body to get extremely low and make it incredibly difficult for a offensive tackles to get their hands on him. He can also convert speed to power and his lateral quickness is remarkable. He is very good when slanting or when involved in games with the tackle to his side because he doesn't allow himself to simply get picked up. He works a move and will get skinny to fit through holes. That's an innate skill that only so many other people can do.

He doesn't just beat guys by running around them either. He wins with his hands as a pass rusher too. He's one of the best that I've seen with his hands in the entire 2015 recruiting class.

There are only brief instances of him in coverage, but he flashed enough athleticism to suggest he should be fine in that area once he gains more experience. But it would be a mistake if they asked a player like him to drop into coverage too often.

Versus the run he is very good as a chase player. He has the athletic ability to play the zone read straight up and make a play on either the ball carrier or quarterback. I also liked what I saw from him at the point of attack. He sometimes won with quickness, but also showed he can be stout and shed blocks with plays run at him as well.

Yes, Reid is undersized and needs to add some weight, but his qualities as a pass rusher are so special that even if he never gained a pound, he could still be a nickel pass rusher. I think Stanford is getting a steal with Reid. To me, he is one of the most underrated players in this entire recruiting class.