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Cal football recruiting: scouting take on offensive lineman Semisi Uluave

Cal picked up a very good interior line prospect

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When UCLA and USC are waiting on several 4 and 5 star announcements, the rest of the Pac-12 recruiting news gets a little lost in the shuffle. It's unfortunate because more people should be taking notice of a big pickup for Cal on the offensive line in Semisi Uluave.

What kind of player are the Bears getting in the big man from Hawaii?

Semisi Uluave - 4 star guard

Uluave is likely going to be taking a mission and won't be available to play for a couple of years, but he is big enough to step in and play in the Pac-12 now. He's over 300 pounds and is going to look even better once he gets entrenched in a strength and conditioning program.

For such a big guy, he is really light on his feet. It really shows out in pass protection and he does a great job with his punch as well. He's balanced and doesn't get overextended in his pass set. He's much more advanced in his pass pro technique than several players his age.

I like the way he can get to the second level and he is agile when pulling or performing a fold block. It's another example of his great feet. He plays with good pad level and has good hand placement. As a junior, I didn't think he showed enough finish and wasn't violent enough at the point of attack. I saw a much meaner player as a senior and I'm really encouraged with how he'll progress when at Cal.

He'll be a forgotten prospect by most because he'll be away from the game, but he has the chance to be one of the best guards in the Pac-12 once he returns from his mission and gets acclimated back into football. Cal got themselves a great pickup.