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Pac-12 bracketology 2/9: UCLA officially on the bubble

The surging Bruins and Ducks are now bubble teams.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In, barring disaster

Arizona 20-3 (8-2)

Seed: 2 RPI: 7

Good wins: Gonzaga, Utah, at Stanford, San Diego State Bad losses: at UNLV

Toughest remaining game: 2/28 at Utah

The Wildcats are fighting for the last number one seed in the West region with Gonzaga right now and they really hurt themselves by getting upset by Arizona State this weekend. Right now, they are comfortably settled as a two seed and probably in the West.

Utah 18-4 (8-2)

Seed: 3-4 RPI: 13

Good wins: Wichita State

Toughest remaining game: 2/28 Arizona

The Utes are taking care of business and not losing games they shouldn't while hovering right outside of the Top 10, making them a potential third seed, but probably a fourth right now.

In, but a lot of work to do

Stanford 16-7 (7-4)

Seed: 8-10 RPI: 45

Good wins: at Texas Bad losses: at De Paul, at Washington State

Toughest remaining game: 3/7 at Arizona

Stanford is quickly giving up ground to UCLA and really need to grab a big in-conference win, but are still probably solidly grounded in the 8-10 range as long as they don't start dropping bad losses.

On the bubble

UCLA 14-10 (6-5)

Seed: NIT-play-in RPI: 50

Good wins: Utah, at Stanford, Stanford

Toughest remaining game: 2/21 at Arizona

It might seem weird that UCLA might be in the tournament now given their loss count, but no team in the country has a more impressive loss count and the Bruins have avoided a bad loss as well. The Bruins shot themselves in the foot by losing to Cal last week, but made up for it by getting a second win over Stanford.

Oregon 17-7 (7-4)

Seed: NIT RPI: 59

Good wins: Illinois Bad losses: at Washington State

Toughest remaining game: 2/22 Utah

The Ducks are a classic good record, light résumé team, but that is not a bad thing to me. Right now, I think they are inching towards the play-in sphere and will have a good case to get in if they can keep winning the games they should.

Oregon State 16-7 (7-4)

Seed: NIT RPI: 71

Good wins: Arizona Bad losses: Auburn, at Quinnipiac

Toughest remaining game: 2/19 Utah

Another good record team with a questionable résumé, the Beavers are getting on the bubble by taking care of business. They maybe are not officially on the bubble yet, but their win over Arizona is big and you cannot argue with their record.

Hanging by a thread (these teams are done with just 1-2 more losses)

Washington 14-9 (3-8)

Seed: NIT/C tournament RPI: 74

Good wins: Oklahoma, San Diego State Bad losses: Stony Brook, Washington State

Toughest remaining game: 2/13 Arizona

The Huskies are only hanging on because their two impressive non-conference wins they got with Robert Upshaw gives them a decent RPI.

Arizona State 12-11 (4-6)

Seed: NIT/C tournament RPI: 95

Good wins: Arizona Bad losses: Marquette, Lehigh

Toughest remaining game: 2/26 at Utah

The Sun Devils gave themselves a sliver of hope by upsetting Arizona this weekend. If they can lost just 1-2 games the rest of the conference season, they may have a shot.

Cal 15-9 (5-6)

Seed: NIT/C tournament RPI: 107

Good wins: Syracuse, Wyoming Bad losses: Cal State Bakersfield, at USC, Washington State

Toughest remaining: 3/5 at Arizona

The Bears have a good record, some solid non-conference wins and have won four-straight, but their six-game losing streak in-conference and bad losses put them in a really bad spot.