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Top 10 2015 Pac-12 conference games: UCLA at USC looms large

Picking the most-anticipated Pac-12 conference games of 2015.

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1. UCLA at USC - November 28

This match-up with Jim Moran and Steve Sarkisian is due to give us a classic and with the two bitter rivals coming in as likely preseason Top 10 teams, this is the Pac-12 game I am looking most forward to during the off-season. These two coaches probably don't like each other, these two teams don't like each other and this game will likely decide the South with Playoff implications on the final day of the regular season. I already can't wait.

2. USC at Oregon - November 21

The South and North favorites face off in Eugene right before their rivalry games with huge Playoff implications likely on the line. If the Ducks are truly going to take a step back in 2015 and the Trojans a step forward this is the game where we will likely know for sure if that is the case.

3. Oregon at Stanford - November 14

Ah, the good ol days when this was the guaranteed Pac-12 Game of the Year. Well, those games aren't too far away as the Ducks are still likely a Top 5 preseason team and the Cardinal a Top 15 team and this game will still likely decide the North. On top of that, this match-up that always seems to be a battle of who can control the style is a rare true style contrast in a day of style parity in college football.

4. Arizona at Arizona State - November 21

Another huge rivalry game that should have massive implications in the South this year. Both of these teams should be very good this year with great coaches at the helm, but there is only room for one team form the Valley of the Sun to win this game, and for me, it is probably the toughest call of any Pac-12 outcome going into the season.

5. Stanford at USC - September 19

This has been the most-exciting Pac-12 match-up of the past half decade and with both teams coming back strong in 2015, there is no reason to think the 2015 edition will not be another great one. This is almost guaranteed to be one of the best, and most-important, early-season Pac-12 games in 2015.

6. Arizona State at UCLA - October 3

This has been an underrated quasi rivalry the past few years and will be a huge litmus test early in the season in the South. Both these teams lose their star starting QBs, but bring back the bulk of the rest of their team and their chances at winning the South will likely be greatly affected by the outcome of this game.

7. Oregon at Arizona State - October 29

For those that think the Ducks are going to suddenly fall apart after losing Marcus Mariota should take a look at their schedule because it is fairly cushy in-conference and this might actually be Oregon's toughest road teast. This one should be very interesting to see if the Ducks are still themselves or if programs like Arizona State are creeping up on them.

8. UCLA at Stanford - October 15

Stanford has been a major nemesis to the Jim Mora Bruins and this should be another tough one for the boys of Westwood as they head to Palo Alto mid-season to take on another tough Cardinal team. It will be a major statement for Jim Mora if he can get the Bruins past the Cardinal on the road, but it will not be easy and I expect this one to be a very close contest.

9. UCLA at Arizona - September 26

The Bruins may have actually been the best team in the South last year and beat eventual champion Arizona, so I am sure they are anxious to get a chance to lock horns with the Wildcats again and get a quick jumpstart on the race for the South.

10. USC at Arizona State - September 26

Another big LA school vs. Arizona school match-up that I am sure the Trojans are anxious for after last season's Jael Mary heartbreak.

Others considered

Arizona at USC - November 7

UCLA at Utah - September 26

Utah at USC - October 24

Utah at Oregon - September 26

Washington at USC - October 8