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Arizona Wildcats basketball has second best odds to win NCAA Tournament

For more on the Wildcats, hit up Arizona Desert Swarm.

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Sean Miller, the Final Four and a national narrative not going away [Brian Doherty, Arizona Desert Swarm]: "In just five years, Miller has rebuilt Arizona back to a national power, but one looming cloud hangs over him: a trip to the Final Four."

Arizona basketball: Sean Miller relieved Wildcats and Aztecs will not renew postseason rivalry [Jason Bartel, Arizona Desert Swarm]: "One of the teams that I didn't want to see was San Diego State. Not only because they're a terrific team, but I know they're tired of playing us, we're tired of playing them."

3/16 Basketball Notebook [Jason Scheer]: "Sean Miller met with the media on Sunday night to discuss numerous topics. Read on for his thoughts on Brandon Ashley's recent play, Archie Miller, and more."

First Look: Texas Southern [Cody James Martin, Arizona Scout]: "Arizona will play Texas Southern in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Here is an overview of how teams match up."

Arizona basketball: Scouting UA's regional pod [Zack Rosenblatt, Arizona Daily Star]: "Here's a look at the NCAA tournament teams in Arizona's regional pod." War Room 3/16: "Sean Miller and the Wildcats will begin another attempt at reaching the Final Four this week. Get the latest on that and more."

Miller believes Texas Southern is dangerous [Jason Scheer]: "Sean Miller believes Texas Southern can be a dangerous opponent. Read on to see why that is and more. "