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Utah Utes football recruiting: Utes make a 'Fast and Furious' inspired recruiting video

Utah lost out on some elite local prospects in the last recruiting cycle. Apparently this is their response to it

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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

According to the box office numbers, a lot of people enjoy the latest movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. The football recruiting staff for the University of Utah apparently wanted to seize the opportunity to create a recruiting video inspired by the franchise.

And it's, umm...interesting? Take a look for yourself. (H/T to CBS Sports for finding the video.)

Ute Fast / Ute Furious from Utah Football on Vimeo.

Interesting is probably generous because the end result isn't exactly a masterpiece. I'm not exactly sure this was worth the effort. To recap, the video is Kyle Whittingham and the Utah coaching staff driving around in fast cars with the message of "Ute fast, Ute furious".

The big emphasis of the video is supposed to surround in-state recruiting and I'm going to assume they are referring to the elite players from the state of Utah who chose to go elsewhere last year. The voice over in the video says, "When people steal from your state, what do you do?" Whittingham replies, "You steal 'em back, is what you do." Utah lost out on a number of big time local players like linebackers Osa Masina and Porter Gustin (USC), edge rusher Gabe Reid (Stanford), and offensive tackle Andre James (UCLA). Unfortunately he won't be able to steal any of those specific players back.

Then we hear Lil' Jon say "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!" Then there is a lot driving. A lot of revving of engines. Then the message again emphasizing "It's time to steal 'em back".

What any of that has to do with The Rock or Vin Diesel, I have no clue. Maybe some seventeen year old football players in Utah will think it's cool though and I guess that's what they are going for. Or maybe they know that the top recruit in Utah, wide receiver Simi Fehoko, saw the Thursday midnight show of the seventh installment of the franchise and has already went back to see the movie three more times.

I think they probably would have been better off sending recruits a Beyonce photoshop, but we'll see if this actually gains any attention for the Utes with recruits in their home state. (I highly doubt it, but I'm not seventeen.)