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Poll: Who has the best name in Pac-12 football?

Because the offseason is boring.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Deadspin recently released its annual bracket for Name of the Year, and because of the numbing boredom of the offseason, I decided it'd be fun to look at the best names on current Pac-12 football rosters.  I picked the best name from each school and put them in a poll at the bottom of this article.  Vote!  Because it will probably be the only college football-related thing you'll get to do all week.


Honorable Mentions:
Luca Bruno
Jack Kness-Knezinskis
Sir Thomas Jackson: The only Pac-12 football player to have been knighted by the Queen of England (I'm too lazy to Google him and confirm this).
Scooby Wright III: "Why yes, I come from a long line of Scoobies."

Best Name:
Cayman Bundage: It's just just fun to say.

Arizona State

Honorable Mentions:
Jack Powers
De'chavon "Gump" Hayes
Tyler McClure: "You might remember me from such football teams as..."
JoJo Wicker: I love anybody named JoJo.

Best Name:
Scrappy Norman


Honorable Mentions:
Jonathan Johnson
Hardy Nickerson
David Davis
Addison Ooms
Malik Psalms
James Looney: Just like James Loney, but crazier!

Best Name:
Bug Rivera: He's Riverboat Ron's nephew, which reminds me of this screencap:

Riverboat Ron


Honorable Mentions:
Chidobe Awuzie
Joey Tuggle
Bryce Bobo: It's always fun to be reminded of Mystery Science Theater 3000 while watching a football game.

Best Name:
Deaysean Rippy


Honorable Mentions:

Best Name:
DeForest Buckner: This name wins by default, since no one else on the Ducks' roster has a good name. Be more fun, Oregon!

Oregon State

Honorable Mentions:
Kellen Clute
Storm Woods
Larry Scott: Does any other conference's commissioner play football? Pac-12 > SEC.
Rommel Mageo: Maybe his parents should have picked a different WWII general to name him after.

Best Name:
Yanni Demogerontas

Southern California

Honorable Mentions:
JuJu Smith
Leon McQuay III

Best Name:
Yoofi Quansah


Honorable Mentions:
Ra'Chard Pippens

Best Name:
Johnny Caspers


Honorable Mentions:
Randall Goforth
Myles Jack

Best Name:
Roosevelt Davis


Honorable Mentions:
Aaron Amaama
Jameson Field
Beaver Ho Ching: You picked the wrong Pac-12 team, Beaver!
Bo Kimball: Go LMU!

Best Name:
Boobie Hobbs: This one is my favorite.


Honorable Mentions:
Budda Baker
JoJo McIntosh
Vita Vea
Drew Before: This name also doubles as a sentence fragment.
Psalm Wooching: He made it on to the Deadspin bracket, but how could they overlook the best name on Washington's roster?!

Best Name:
DJ Beavers: This also might be my favorite. I don't know what to choose!

Washington State

Honorable Mentions:
River Cracraft
Marcellus Pippins
Barry Ware
Chris Dalrymple: He made it on here because he reminds me of the President of NBC on Seinfeld.

Best Name:
Taylor Comfort

For me, the best two names by far are Boobie Hobbs and DJ Beavers, and after a night's sleep and meditation, I will choose which one is ultimately the best.  In the meantime, vote for your favorite name! But don't just vote for someone on your favorite team, especially you, Oregon fans.