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Which schools might do The Drive next?

Which Pac-12 schools will likely do The Drive soon, which likely never will?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 Network just announced that Oregon State and Utah will be the teams followed by the network's excellent The Drive program. With Arizona State and Cal followed in the first season and UCLA, the second this means that nearly half of the teams in the Pac-12 will have been profiled by the show by the end of 2015.

Here are how the seven teams left in the pool who have not participated in The Drive ranked by how likely I think it is that they are eventually featured on the show.

1. Arizona

Rich Rodriguez is one of the best personalities in the conference who isn't the least bit afraid to have a little fun with media so I am actually kind of surprised that the Wildcats haven't been featured yet. I imagine a few months of following RichRod would provide plenty of awesome sound bites.

Also, Arizona is a lower-profile Pac-12 program that wouldn't be too sensitive about giving access and actually would have a lot to gain by getting some more exposure.

2. Washington State

Speaking of colorful coaches that could provide endless sound bites... I am pretty sure Mike Leach would be gold on The Drive and I think it is only a matter of time before Leach is a permanent football talking head anyways. I think the Washington State program could also use the buzz and the one-of-a-kind setting of Pullman could provide a lot of fun.

One thing that might be holding the Cougars back from hosting The Drive might be the ultra remote locale of Pullman which is about as easy to get to as Mars. However, season three being set in the mega metropolis of Corvallis is probably a positive sign that The Drive could make its way to The Palouse.

3. Colorado

Colorado could really use some exposure, but I have a feeling that they aren't on the top of the Pac-12's list due to  excitement and I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't want to grant too much access as long as the Buffs stay super glued to the bottom of the conference. If the Buffs can somehow get back to winning, I think they could be a likely candidate for The Drive sometime soon.

4. Washington

I think the Huskies and their fan base would be an appealing option for The Drive, but I don't know if it really seems like Chris Petersen's type of thing. I think the Huskies will remain an attractive, but not possible option as long as Petersen is at the helm in Seattle.

5. A repeat of any previously-featured school

I think there is a big gap between the first four schools and the other three that have not been featured. I think you will see a program featured a second time before we see anyone from the trio below.

6. Stanford

Stanford University if assuredly the least-interested school in the kind of exposure that The Drive brings and David Shaw seems like one of the least-interested coaches. The program and school also needs little to no exposure to grow or maintain their brand.

7. USC

The Trojans could be a fascinating The Drive, but I simply thing they have nothing to gain at all from it. Steve Sarkisian seems like a guy who would like The Drive, but I just don't think it makes sense at USC. Maybe we can just settle for an off-the-field show that follows are Sark now that he is single? That could be enthralling.

8. Oregon

I would be shocked if Oregon ever does the drive. The Duck program is so secretive that I wouldn't be surprised if every fart that takes place within the program is vacuum-sealed, driven to edge of the Nevada desert and released in an abandoned mine. No one does love exposure more than the Ducks, but only if they pretty much control all of it.