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2015 All-Pac-12 Alumni Team: The best Pac-12 alums in the NBA

Our 2015 edition of what a team would look like made up of the best current NBA players.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

C Andrew Bogut - Golden State (Utah)

Lopez might be a better overall player, but with the scorers on the rest of this lineup I would rather have a defender and rebounder like Bogut and stash Lopez on the bench. We are finally getting to see this year what a healthy Bogut looks like playing on a good team and I love how he fits.

PF Kevin Love - Cleveland (UCLA)

Love him or hate him, Kevin Love is by far the best power forward option from the Pac-12. He showed that he could be an all-time great third option this year with Cleveland before he got hurt and seeing him with Harden and Westbrook would be scary.

SF DeMar DeRozan - Toronto (USC)

I at first had Thompson here, but figured there might not be enough shots to go around between him, Harden and Westbrook, so I would rather have a defender/glue guy here. It would be amazing to see DeRozan be able to play this role at the NBA level.

SG James Harden - Houston (Arizona State)

Harden would be the number one scorer on a team with some really phenomenal scorers on it.

PG Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City (UCLA)

Getting Westbrook and Harden back in the same backcourt would be just plain unfair. Two MVP candidates, one backcourt.


SF Klay Thompson - Golden State (Washington State)

Thompson would easily win Sixth Man of the Year Award coming off of the bench and would be the perfect weapon for this role. He would be the team's sharpshooter.

C Brook Lopez - Brooklyn (Stanford)

An ideal big man to have coming off of the bench. Lopez would be a nice scoring option to sub in for Bogut when you need to put up some points.

PG Isaiah Thomas - Boston (Washington)

The new Nate Robinson would be a nice pesky weapon on the bench to insert for quick points.

C Nikola Vucevic - Orlando (USC)

Another great scoring big man off the bench, Vucevic would also be a nice rebounder to have around.

PF Ryan Anderson - New Orleans (Cal)

Anderson could slip in for Love's two-way scoring and skills when he is injured or needs a rest.

SF Trevor Ariza - Houston (UCLA)

That guy all good teams need to have on their bench, Arizona knows how to hit big shot late in big games.

SG Arron Afflalo - Portland (UCLA)

Afflalo would be the team's best perimeter defender coming off of the bench and a nice player to use when you need to slow teams down.


C Jordan Hill - Lakers (Arizona)

PG Aaron Brooks - Chicago (Oregon)