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ESPN updates 2016 Top 100; Two Pac-12 commits in top 11

It's early, but no other conference has two players in the top 30, let alone the top 11

Inside The Hall

ESPN released their updated Top 100 rankings for the Class of 2016. Two Pac-12 commits are high up on the list, while a number of other Pac-12 targets are strewn about.

TJ Leaf, #9 on the Top 100, is an Arizona commit. We wrote about him at length when he committed right HERE.

Lonzo Ball, #11, is headed to UCLA for the 2016 season.

Again, it's early, but it's a very good sign for the Pac-12 that they have two of the top 11 players while, right now, no other conference has two in the top 30. Definitely something to build upon.