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Top 15 Pac-12 2015 fantasy football prospects

Ranking the top Pac-12 fantasy football prospects heading into 2015 drafts.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. Cody Kessler QB USC

Kessler is the conference's leading returning points scorer and is poised for an even bigger senior year. The huge numbers he should put up in USC's up-tempo offense should make him the easy number one pick in any Pac-12 fantasy draft.

2. Jared Goff QB Cal

If you don't take Kessler first, Goff is the only other real choice and not much of a different one. He scored huge points in 2014 and is guaranteed to again in Cal's Bear Raid and he won't bite you with interceptions like some of the other QBs on this list.

3. Mike Bercovici QB Arizona State

I had a hard time choosing where to put Bercovici in his first season as a full-time starter, but ended up putting him here because he scored in bunches in limited time last year and it is likely he will only do more of that as a full-time starter. However, there is a huge drop off from Goff to him and not really one between him and the rest of the QBs below him.

4. Anu Solomon QB Arizona

Solomon took his lumps late in 2014, but he is already a fantasy star and a superstar in the making. He will put up huge points in Rich Rodriguez' offense and should lower his amount of turnovers in 2015. He is a fine choice if you cannot land Goff or Kessler.

5. Sefo Liufau QB Colorado

Liufau quietly turned into a major fantasy asset in 2014. Even if Colorado doesn't win, he is likely to put up a lot of points and should burn with fewer interceptions in 2015 after another year of polishing.

6. Luke Falk QB Washington State

Meet Connor Halliday Light. Falk isn't a great quarterback, but he is going to put up a lot of points in Mike Leach's offense. He is a nice steal if you can't get one of the elite QBs.

7. Royce Freeman RB Oregon

It might seem strange to see a talent like Freeman this low, but that is just because QBs really score the most points in leagues right now. With that said, Freeman is the first non-QB that should come off every board as a first-round talent running back poised to have a LaMichael James-level year in the Duck offense.

8. Devontae Booker RB Utah

Booker is more than on par with Freeman and might even edge him out because he might get more carries as Freeman will share with Thomas Tyner. He is about as good of a number one back for a fantasy team as you could ask for.

9. Nick Wilson RB Arizona

Another dream number one running back, Wilson is going to more than fill it up again in Arizona's offense. Wilson is going to get about a million carries in 2015 and will put together another KaDeem Carey-level year.

10. Paul Perkins RB UCLA

Man, running back is deep if Perkins if the fourth-best running back fantasy wise. He is an A+ feature back that will get a huge load with UCLA liking starting a true freshman at quarterback.

11. Daniel Lasco RB Cal

Another testament to the depth of running back, Lasco is a 1,000 yard, 10 plus touchdown back that could possibly be the world's best number two fantasy back if people in your league aren't educated and sleep on him.

12. Vernon Adams QB Oregon

Adams is nearly impossible to peg. If you could guarantee me right now that he will be the starter, I would put him at number three in a second, but he very easily could lose the job to Jeff Lockie and give you a wasted pick at the top of your draft. He is the biggest risk/reward I have ever seen going into a Pac-12 draft, he could either win you your league if he wins the job and fulfills expectations or completely lose you the league if Lockie beats him out.

13. Travis Wilson QB Utah

Wilson won't carry your team, but if you miss out on one of the elite quarterbacks and snag an elite running back or two, he is fine. He will put up numbers against bad opponents and he would ideally be an excellent back-up QB option.

14. Nelson Spruce WR Colorado

Spruce is the top receiver on the board and the good news is that you can probably pick him up in the third maybe even fourth round. He will really boost his points this year if he can perform better against good teams.

15. Byron Marshall WR Oregon

Marshall exploded in his first year as a receiver and should do more of the same in his second year. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he ends up being the conference's top point scorer at receiver.

Others considered

D.J. Foster WR Arizona State

Jeff Lockie QB Oregon

Cayleb Jones WR Arizona

Jordan Payton WR UCLA

Storm Woods RB Oregon State