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Which Pac-12 coach would you want to have a beer with?

In light of Steve Sarkisian's recent escapade... Pac-12 coaches drinking power rankings.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. Mike Leach

No question here. Who wouldn't want to listen to Leach's stories and observations over the course of a ton of drinks?

2. Rich Rodriguez

RichRod is a lot like Leach and seems like one of those seasoned vets that can really handle there shit and still have a good time. He's down to Earth and seems like the kind of guy who could tell you hilarious stories all through the night while putting away an 18 pack.

3. Sonny Dykes

Dykes seems like a pretty chill dude and generally guys who go by "Sonny" are usually pretty fun to drink with.

4. Todd Graham

If you showed me a picture of Graham with no football stuff around him and asked me how I knew who he was, I would probably guess that he was a failed bar owner on Bar Rescue.

5. Chris Petersen

I know nothing about if Petersen even drinks, but he looks and especially sounds like that dad of your childhood friend who always seemed to permanently have a beer glued to his hand that you later realized was an alcoholic.

6. Mike MacIntyre

To be honest, I don't really know what to do with MacIntyre. All I got is he looks like a guy who could put quite a few back and be a good time on the golf course.

7. Mark Helfrich

Helfrich seems pretty chill so I can't really say anything about his prospective drinking buddy status either way. However, he is from a small town in the Northwest and being from a small town in the Northwest, I know full well just how great of drinkers people with those origins are. However, I feel like if you did drink with him there would be five Oregon/Nike PR people/henchman hovering around you.

8. Gary Andersen

Don't know much about Andersen and couldn't really confirm if he was Mormon or not which really makes things hard. I will keep him above the confirmed guys I think it would be very hard to have a good time with though because he did live in Madison for a while and I just don't see how you couldn't know how to drink if you lived there.

9. Jim Mora

Classic guy who might be a wild and good time, but who you try to avoid because you feel like he might turn on you and try to fight you at any moment.

10. David Shaw

Seems like the kind of guy who would give a slight sarcastic laugh to everything you say or do and would only drink with you if he was absolutely forced.

11. Steve Sarkisian

Simple logic might suggest putting Sark near the top since he obviously likes to put them back, but it's not that simple. Everyone has that friend who was a good time when they were young, but whose social drinking has turned into a problem and now he is insufferable. He is maybe fun for two beers, but after that he is screaming at you to do shots with him, hitting on your girlfriend, whispering creepy shit into your ear and talking shit that makes no sense (ie saying Oregon/ASU suck?). You then have to end up babysitting him all night. No fun.

12. Kyle Whittingham

After Googling "Is Kyle Whittingham Mormon?" I immediately dropped him below Sark. Even if the answer would have been no, I still don't think I would have him very high.