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Jimi Hendrix drew USC, UCLA, Oregon, Cal football sketches as a teenager

A Pac-12 fan before his time!

Jimi Hendrix Oregon Ducks art
Jimi Hendrix Oregon Ducks art
Joe Posnanski

Sports author Joe Posnanski went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and snapped up some awesome shots of Jimi Hendrix art. Namely, college football inspired art, and more importantly Pac-12 football to boot!

Hendrix grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and was a huge college football fan growing up. He took mostly to his own conference in the West, which was then called the Pacific Coast Conference. At the age of 15, he did most of these artistic sketches of several major Pac-12 teams.

Here are the USC Trojans (who look about the same, they haven't changed their uniforms much).

UCLA Bruins (Ditto, although there have been some significant modifications as of late)

Oregon Ducks (We see these uniforms once a year)

and California Golden Bears (who have made the most modifying to a darker blue and gold scheme).

Poor Washington and Washington State are left out though, despite Hendrix spending most of his childhood in Seattle.