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Pac-12 TV guide week seven: in a conference of such parity, every game is important

Another super balanced slate of games in the Pac-12.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week - Arizona State at Colorado 5pm Pac-12 Networks

Yes, this is the game of the week. Crazy, I know. I’m giving it the edge over UCLA-WSU because Josh Rosen might not play. Regardless though, this game is huge for both teams. Both teams have one conference loss so the winner will emerge still tied atop the South while the loser drops a rung. This is probably a must-win for both teams if they want to win the South and what should be a really run game in Boulder with a lot at stake for the first time since Colorado has been in the Pac-12.

Dad’s Take: Biggest game in Boulder since 2005!

Mouth’s Take: Party School versus Party School, I got the over/under BAC at .24, CU wins because of the Home Drink Advantage.

2. UCLA at Washington State 7:30pm ESPN

Don’t look now, but the Cougars are looking like the second-best team in the Pac-12 and get an ailing, potentially Rosenless Bruins up on the Palouse in front of what should be a rowdy crowd fueled by the blood of the former North powers. The Bruins already have two conference losses, so this is a huge game for them to try and avoid putting themselves in a major hole in just mid-October, but they have to play much better than they did last week at Arizona State.

Dad’s Take: Weird things happen on the Palouse at night.

Mouth’s Take: Everything is better in Pasadena, except the quality of football. Washington State finally has something better than California.

3. USC at Arizona 12:30pm FOX

The Trojans have started to show they can win the games they should win and the Wildcats are fresh off two unimpressive road losses, but they took Washington into overtime the last time they were in Tucson and will be playing to try and keep any hope to be a factor in the South alive.

Dad’s Take: Nap time game #1. Juju + Laundry + IPA = Productivity.

Mouth’s Take: Fox’s game of the Week is 3-3 vs. 2-4? I'd rather watch Fox News, at least they can tell me who’s fault this is (Hint: it rhymes with Yo Mama).

4. Utah at Oregon State 1pm Pac-12 Networks

Welcome to the Pac-12 of parity where every game means something and is interesting. The Beavers showed they are no longer the one guaranteed win on the Pac-12 schedule by beating Cal, who beat Utah, so this game is far from a comfortable win for Utah.

Dad’s Take: Nap time game #2. Transitive property warning!

Mouth’s Take: Can Oregon’s best college football team make it 2 in a row? Can I make this about the Ducks even when they aren't playing? You're goddamn right. I'm calling a winning streak for the Beavers.

5. Stanford at Notre Dame 4:30pm NBC

Who could have guessed this would end up being the worse game of this week, but it is, and not necessarily because it is going to be a boring game, but because it has no importance in a tight Pac-12 race in a week where every other game does. This will actually be interesting to see how Stanford responds after getting undressed the past two weeks against the Washington schools against a national power who is in a similar situation, but in our Pac-12 world, it doesn’t matter much.

Dad’s Take: $367,864: The amount you would have to pay me to watch this game; and coincidentally the cost to send my kids to these schools.

Mouth’s Take: This game looked so sexy at the start of the season, but after 6 week of pre-funking, hard-partying, late-night Taco Bell, and many walks of shame, this bitch is broke.

Oregon @ The Bye

Dad’s Take: My productivity will skyrocket this weekend.

Mouth’s Take: can Oregon’s D hold The Bye to less than 300 yards rushing and 700 total offense? I fucking doubt it. Even in The Bye, Oregon gives up 50.

Jeremy (Dad) and Mouth host the Pacific Takes Podcast.