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Pacific Takes Week 7 Picks

The Staff makes their week 7 picks

NCAA Football: Utah at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacific Takes staff makes their picks on the big games from Week 7.

Last Week's Record 5-2 6-1 3-4 5-2 4-3 5-2 5-2 4-3 5-2 5-2
Season Record 29-13 25-17 21-21 23-19 26-16 27-15 25-17 23-19 22-20 24-18
Name Taylor Henry Ryan Larson Jose Bouquett Gabey Lucas Eli Boettger Jack Follman Simeon Moses David Colangelo Travis King Andrew Burnett
#1 Alabama at #9 Tennessee Alabama- Hurts brings a whole new dimension to the Tide offense, and Lane Kiffin has been exceptional. Bama rolls at Tennessee. Alabama- Maybe someday I will pick against the Tide, but that probably won't be until they hire Lane Kiffin as head coach once Saban retires. Alabama- I wish I had the courage to pick Tennessee but I'm barely .500 and I need wins. Alabama is always a safe bet. Alabama- hahahahahaha- Bama Alabama- No letdown for the Crimson Tide as they head to 1 loss Tennessee. The Vols nearly pulled off a wild comeback last week, but there won't be any magic for the home team in this one. Alabama- The Crimson Tide don't look like they are going to slip up this year and I think Tennessee has been living on the edge. This could be the week the dam breaks and the Vols lose by 30. Alabama- Bama is a steamrolling machine. Tennessee's comeback luck finally ended and they are about to feel the blade of the reaper when Alabama's Defense and run game roll into town. Alabama-The Only way Bama loses is if Saban decides to publicly embarrass Lane Kiffin and throws it. Alabama- If Tennessee turns the ball over 7 times again, this game will be over by halftime anyway. Alabama- It would be stupid to pick against Saban at this point in the season.
North Carolina at #16 Miami Miami- Richt is on his way to bring Miami back to what they were. Their defense can hit. UNC's offense will get back on track, but too much athleticism from Miami. Miami- Did you know that Miami's mascot is the Hurricanes? Did you know that a hurricane hit the east coast last week? Words are incredible. Wow. Miami- What most eople don't know is, I love Miami. I am a Miami fan. I love the culture. I love the 30 for 30's. I love Brad Kaaya and I love Marky Mark. Miami wins big after a dissapointing loss to FSU, Miami- Canes, because they have Brad Kaaya's tooth. Miami- The Hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with in the ACC. Miami fell to FSU by one point last week, but I can't picture this team losing 2 in a row at home. Miami- The Hurricanes should be on fire this week after blowing a golden opportunity to stay undefeated. The ACC is tough to pick outside of Clemson and Louisville, but I think the Canes win at home. Miami- The Canes lost a close one to FSU but expect a rebound performance from Brad Kaaya to get back on track in the ACC. North Carolina- UNC got utterly dominated by Virginia Tech last week. So of course they'll somehow handle Miami AT Miami this week. Miami- Both teams are good, but Miami should be able to care of this one at home. Miami- Not confident with this pick, but I would imagine Richt gets his team to bounce back after the loss to FSU.
#12 Ole Miss at #22 Arkansas Ole Miss- As long as Chad Kelly doesn't get into a fight with a fan in the parking lot before the game, I think Ole Miss wins. The Hogs defense isn't very good, and the Rebels can score. Ole Miss- These teams are going to polay really hard to try and win this game. Too bad they both already lost to Alabama. Fight for 3rd in the SEC West. Ole Miss- Last year Ole Miss wounded me in the Sugar Bowl. So I never pick against them anymore. Ole Miss and Chad Kelly pull it out again. Arkansas-I don't know how I feel about Ole Miss, but after six weeks my gut is telling me the Hogs are getting the upset. Arkansas- When in doubt, go with the home team. Arkansas sneaks past Ole Miss on a game winning field goal. Ole Miss- I think the rebels are quietly mounting a solid season and should be able to get a tough win on the road against a pretty good SEC team in Arkansas. Arkansas- I think the Hogs stun the oddsmakers and beat Ole Miss. Arkansas was able to put up 30 on Bama's D. I think they could go for 40 this game and Ole Miss won't outscore them. Ole Miss- The Hogs are fading from its annual "almost top 10" status, now it sinks back into the SEC abyss. Ole Miss- This is going to be a high scoring affair. I like Arkansas, but Ole Miss might have the edge in this matchup with Chad Kelly. Rebels by a score. Ole Miss- The Hogs defense is terrible, and Chad Kelly should have a big day. Rebels by 14.
#2 Ohio State at #8 Wisconsin Ohio State- Urban Meyer wins big games. This is a big game. I can't wait for the Michigan-OSU fight at the end of the year, it's going to be unreal. Wisconsin doesn't have enough offense to keep up. Ohio State- I'm sure Harbaugh is pumped for this game if for no reason other than Wisconsin's excellent dairy production. This won't be fun to watch. Ohio State- Urban is a top 3 coach in the nation. OSU doesn't lose. OSU-Michigan this year is going to be the game of the year. Please stay undefeated Buckeyes, Please. Ohio State- I want Wisconsin to win but I don't feel like I can justify picking them in this. Alas, I have to go OSU. Ohio State- The Buckeyes are just too strong. I'm anticipating a blowout over Wisconsin. Ohio State- It has been a nice start to the season for Wisconsin, but I think Ohio State has too much talent and coaching for them to handle. Wisconsin- Perhaps my most against the grain pick this week. I think Wisconsin played a tough Michigan team on the road and coming back home they'll pull the upset. The Badgers defense is just too good and we'll see another gaint killer like LSU. Ohio State- Imma let Wisconsin finish... but the Buckeyes are one of the best teams in the country. Ohio State- I've said this before. Wisconsin is a good team, but they're not on the same level as Ohio State. Buckeyes by 10. Ohio State- Rule #1, don't bet against Urban.
ASU at Colorado Colorado- Night Game. Under The Lights. Folsom Field. Biggest Crowd in Probably 10 years. PAC-12 South lead on the line? These players have been waiting for this. Buffaloes stampede their way to a double digit victory. Colorado- One day I hope Ralphie gets off his leash and runs wild in the stadium. That would be way more entreating then any season in recent Colorado Memory. Colorado- Taylor, I'm sticking with your team. I believe in Ralphie for some odd reason. Plus ASU barely beat a UCLA team with a hobbled Josh Rosen. Colorado- In spite of ASU's better record I think CU is a more complete football team. I'm going with Ralphie in a close one, and I could see them jumping back into the rankings somewhere in the 20's if they do. Arizona State- Colorado is favored by 12? I don't get that. The Sun Devils will march into Boulder and blow out the Buffaloes by 3 TD's. Colorado- This will be a milestone win for the Buffs as they come into a game favored against a PAC-12 foe. The teams are pretty evenly matched, but I think the Buffs at home against a decimated ASU QB lineup get the win. Colorado- The Buffs are having the best season in years and ASU doesn't believe in defense. In a shootout I think CU has a slight advantage playing at home. Colorado-Too many QB issues for ASU, too many points from CU. This will get ugly. Colorado- ASU is in a really tough spot. If Wilkins can go, it may be a close one. If he can't, CU should be able to manage this fairly easily at home. I don't trust Wilkins to make it through the game, or start, so I'm going with CU. Colorado- Tood Graham has to start a true freshman QB against a surging Colorado team. I'll take the Buffs.
UCLA at Washington State WSU- My bet is Rosen doesn't play. UCLA's backup was awful last week. Pullman is a tough place to play because the atmosphere is awful. Falk is going to air it out. WSU big. WSU- Technically the Cougs two losses have come against likely conference champions. Don't ask what conferences those are though. WSU- Speaking of Rosen, I don't expect him to play, and even if he did I lost confidence in UCLA. The offense is bad. So incredibly bad. WSU is on a roll and it continues against the Bruins. WSU- The Bruins offensive line and skill players have been stupidly unreliable even with Rosen. Now that Rosen's plausibly out it's hard to believe they can overcome an underappreciated WSU defense, especially with the Cougars offense getting back on track with where they were last year. WSU- Is Wazzu finally starting to figure it out? After an 0-2 start that included a loss to Eastern Washington (who really isn't that bad), the Cougs have put together some serious mojo and could challenge UW in the North. Fun matchup here. WSU- Rosen or no Rosen, the Bruins have a tough one here against a red-hot Cougar team playing at home way up in the Palouse. The Cougs will be able to out gun the Bruins and their limited offense in Pullman. WSU- I can't believe I'm saying this but I think the Cougs are better than UCLA. If Rosen plays I think UCLA has a good shot of winning, but if he's out WSU will win. WSU- I'm not sure UCLA could score enough to keep up with WSU WITH Rosen playing, let alone without him. WSU- The Cougs get a nice home field advantage this weekend against a tougher PAC-12 South opponent. Since it looks unlikely that Rosen will play, I'm going WSU. WSU- I would have taken UCLA in this game, but a banged up Rosen and Adams changed my mind.
Stanford at Notre Dame Notre Dame- There's a big chance that McCaffery doesn't play, and their QB play has been awful. No Mac Attack and an awful QB against an angry Brian Kelly? UND at home. Stanford- Maybe Stanford is still good. Maybe Stanford is still good. Maybe Stanford is still good. Maybe Stanford is still good. I'm going to keep telling myself that. Notre Dame is bad though. Stanford- Lets play a game, find 4 games UND can for sure win to become bowl eligible. Can't find them? Neither can I. The Irish aren't good this year, Kelly is on the chopping block. Stanford- I think we've all been overracting to the Cardinal' last two weeks. Their injuries have been insane, and a few guys look like they could return. I don't like that they're missing FB Daniel Marx but the Irish have looked like garbage so far and Stanford should still be abe to overpower them. Stanford- It's not very often that these two teams meet with neither ranked. Not only that, but both Stanford and Notre Dame are... well, really bad. UND might be lucky to score 2 TD's, so I'm giving the nod to Stanford. Notre Dame- Two powerful programs living nightmares. I will go with the home team. Notre Dame- In the battle of highly touted teams that fizzled out this year Notre Dame wins being the less injured of the two squads. Notre Dame- Good weather means UND drops 40. Not sure McCafferey can keep up by himself. Stanford- Who's more of a fraud? ND or Stanford? I think it's ND. Stanford wins on the road. Stanford- I don't see Shaw losing three games in a row. But this is also my least confident pick this week. Stanford pulls out a win late.