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Pacific Takes Top 25 10/17: four new Pac-12 teams move into rankings

Washington State, Stanford, USC and Colorado slide into the Top 25

NCAA Football: UCLA at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama 7-0

2. Ohio State 6-0

3. Michigan 6-0

4. Texas A&M 6-0

5. Clemson 7-0

6. Washington 6-0 - The Huskies’ resume still remains questionable halfway through the season, but you can’t knock a single thing about the way they have played, and they still look like the most-complete team in the Pac-12. As long as they play the way they should, going undefeated in the Pac-12 could be a real reality for Washington.

7. Baylor 6-0

8. Louisville 5-1

9. Nebraska 6-0

10. Wisconsin 4-2

11. Florida 5-1

12. West Virginia 5-0

13. Houston 6-1

14. Arkansas 5-2

15. Auburn 4-2

16. Tennessee 5-2

17. Oklahoma 4-2

18. Utah 6-1 - The Utes eeked out an ugly win at Oregon State and moved up in the rankings, but the schedule gets a lot tougher from here. They go at UCLA next week and then host Washington where they will get a chance to possibly turn themselves into a darkhorse Playoff contender if they can win.

19. LSU 4-2

20. Boise State 6-0

21, Washington State 4-2 - Just think if the Cougars could have pulled out that win at Boise State? Even with their loss to Eastern Washington, they could be testing the Top 10. They have turned around their ugly start and now look like the second-best team in the Pac-12.

22. Stanford 4-2 - The Cardinal did what they needed to do and got an ugly win at Notre Dame that gives them some confidence heading into a relatively soft back half of their schedule.

23. USC 4-3 - Yes, I’m ranking the Trojans and I am officially saying watch out for them to become one of those teams, like Oregon last year, who figures out their QB situation and becomes the team no one wants to play in November.

24. Colorado 5-2 - The Buffs are a legit Top 25 team and Pac-12 championship contender. They blew up a solid Arizona State team and now look like they can be relied upon to win the games they should.

25. TCU 4-2

On the edge

Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Florida State, Miami, Western Michigan