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Jake Browning Now Favored to Win Heisman?

Pac-12’s best hope to bring home the Heisman Trophy

Jake Browning Points His Way to the End Zone
Jake Browning points his way to the end zone
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Washington had a bye week this past weekend but an interesting tweet went out on October 10 by Dennis Dodd with Jake Browning at the top of his Heisman list. As nothing noteworthy occurred in this last weekend’s games I would expect Dodd's list to remain fairly unchanged. So what are the odds Jake Browning wins the Heisman?

Some of the pundits like Dennis Dodd are very high on Jake Browning's chances to win the Heisman. Until a few weeks ago Vegas did not even have odds for Jake Browning to win. Several weeks ago oddshark published 100/1 odds for Browning to win. Those odds have climbed to 12/1 in the latest odds found on 5dimes. Now that Christian McCaffrey’s pre-season luster has dulled Jake Browning sits in the Pac-12 driver seat as the best chance for the Heisman to head back to the West Coast.

Realistically, for Browning to win he probably needs to do several things.

#1 Win every game left in regular season including the Pac-12 title game

#2 Continue to have the #1 pass efficiency rating

#3 Score the most touchdowns through the air

If Browning hits the jackpot and nails all 3 of these factors he has a great shot at winning the Heisman trophy. This is a very realistic outcome as Washington is likely to be favored in every game through the Apple Cup. His pass efficiency rating has only a few competitors with a phenomenal 205 rating and a 72.2% completion percentage. Only Logan Woodside of Toledo has more touchdowns thrown with 24 at this time versus Jake Browning's 23. If Jake Browning can continue to put up extraordinary numbers and Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson or JT Barrett stall by losing or having 1 or 2 bad games we may witness Washington's first Heisman winner.

The next game against Oregon State is favorable for Browning to pad his numbers but it will be a constant battle from then on to maintain the pace necessary and receive an invite to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony.