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Pac-12 TV Guide week eight: Colorado at Stanford game of the week

Another intense week of conference action.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week - Colorado at Stanford 12pm Pac-12 Networks

Who would have thought it going into the season? But this is the best game of the week. Both teams really, really need the win and are somehow pretty evenly matched. This is a major prove it game for Colorado to show they can literally beat just about anyone in the Pac-12, anywhere and a huge game for Stanford to start turning the corner after their nightmare losses to the Washington schools.

Dad’s Take: Game of the week comes during “nap-time”. Thank you Pac-12.

Mouth’s Take: CU kills the Defending P12 champ. Christian McCaffrey, a Colorado native, still happy he didn't go there. And can you blame him? California is a 10, Colorado at best is the cute friend. At best.

2. Utah at UCLA 1pm FOX

Holy crap. This is a FOX national game? Okay, I guess it is pretty huge in the South race. The Utes control things in the South and UCLA is reeling with an ailing Josh Rosen, but this still feels like a game UCLA should win. UCLA has the kind of defense which can shut out Utah’s struggling offense and win a game like this 6-3, and they need to win if they want to stay in the race for the South.

Dad’s Take: The defense will be en pointe like my diaper changing skills. The offense will be like watching a three year old read.

Mouth’s Take: The literal mental physical spiritual metaphorical opposite of the Oregon Cal game. Some dumb-fuck announcer will utter the key to the game is defense. Really? You think so? Watch the game on mute.

3. Washington State at Arizona State 7pm Pac-12 Networks

This is a game the Cougars should win by at least 10 based on how these two teams are playing, but crazy things happen down in the desert. The Sun Devils have a solid chance if they can find a way to get their offense going again and can turn it into a shootout.

Dad’s Take: This might be the most “after dark” game of the year. I’m blushing just thinking about it.

Mouth’s Take: Wazzu fucks ASU but like most sexual encounters at ASU, Wazzu leaves with a little something extra. Hopefully the Cougs got their HPV shot.

4. Oregon at Cal Friday 7:30pm ESPN

Get ready for a lot of points. This one doesn’t have a lot of meaning in the standings, but who cares? Just sit back and enjoy a game where 100 plus points could be scores and Mark Helfrich’s job could be on the line.

Dad’s Take: Thanks in advance for ruining my Saturday.

Mouth’s Take: The “I'm not playing defense” Bowl, ‘cause let's face it, neither team is going bowling. And while 11 guy face guys come out on “defense”, they sure as shit don’t play any.

5. Oregon State at Washington 3:30pm Pac-12 Networks

The Beavers showed life by beating Cal and stayed tough with Utah in a tsunami, but Husky Stadium and a Husky team coming off a bye week is a tough draw, especially with their injuries at quarterback.

Dad’s Take: Thanks. No thanks.

Mouth’s Take: Wow. Why play this? OSU should save the travel cash and what little football dignity they have left and call in sick for this one. Maybe in baseball season, Beavs.

Jeremy (Dad) and Mouth host the Pacific Takes Podcast.