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Pacific Takes Week 8 Picks

The Staff tackles the big games of week 8.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacific Takes staff takes on the big games from Week 8.

Last Week's Record 4-3 5-2 5-2 6-1 5-2 4-3 4-3 4-3 5-2 5-2
Season Record 33-16 30-19 26-23 29-20 31-18 31-18 29-20 27-22 27-22 29-20
Name Taylor Henry Ryan Larson Jose Bouquett Gabey Lucas Eli Boettger Jack Follman Simeon Moses David Colangelo Travis King Andrew Burnett Chris Shepard
Colorado at Stanford Colorado- McCaffery or not, this Buffaloes team is on a mission. 2 weeks ago, they almost went to USC and won, and they were angry they came up short. Bowl eligibility on the line, and a team wanting to win the south. They learned from that USC loss. Colorado in a CLOSE one. Stanford- Sure, the Buffaloes are the better team this year, but this is Colorado Football we're talking about. It's written in the NCAA rules that they're not allowed to have nice things. Colorado- Everything relies on the health of McCaffrey. If he plays than this game will be good. If not, Colorado will run through Stanford. I didn't think I would be typing those words in 2016. Colorado- Whether or not they're the (Second) best team I don't know, but Ralphie right now is the 2nd most complete team after Washington I'd argue. Althought Stanford is stronger in plenty of units, they also have greater weaknesses than Colorado does right now, so I think CU will end up the victor. Stanford- One of these days I'll pick Colorado, I promise. Just not this time. Stanford by a Touchdown. Stanford- Colorado is on the rise and legit and Stanford is vulnerable, but I don't think they can go into Palo Alto and get a win right now. Stanford- Even without McCaffrey I think Stanford's defense gets it done at home in a low scoring game. Stanford- Assuming McCaffery plays, Stanford is too good to lose to CU at home, even this much improved CU team. Stanford- Buffs are improved, but not enough to beat Stanford yet. Stanford- This pick is assuming that McCaffrey plays. It feels like Stanford turned a corner last week against Notre Dame. Colorado- Even if McCaffery plays, I see Colorado getting up 10 in this game. Stanford doesn't have a team built to play with the pace of CU. 31-17 Buffaloes.
#6 Texas A&M at #1 Alabama Alabama- Saban is going undefeated, and Saban is going to the CFB playoff. It doesn't matter where, or when, Bama's defense is too good. Hurts brings a different element to their offense too. Alabama- Does anyone really need a reason to pick Alabama anymore? C'mon son. Alabama- I will never pick against Nick Saban and Alabama. Never. If you would have bet Bama to win the National Title for the last 7 years, you would make money. Roll freaking Tide. Alabama- I don't have the guts to go against Bama.... So.... Crimson Tide.... But A&M Covers. Alabama- Easy pick. I would rather miss a pick where Alabama gets upset than picking Bama to be upset. I'll take my chances. The Crimson Tide is just too strong. Alabama- The Crimson Tide are trucking everyone right now and playing at home, so I think it's going to take an epic performance from A&M to win here. I don't think they have it in them. Alabama- Betting against Bama is like betting against rain in Seattle in January. Alabama- This game will be close in that Bama will only score one more defensive touchdown than A&M. Alabama- Roll Tide. Alabama- I will always pick the Tide until Saban actually loses. Alabama- Does not matter where this game is played, Bama wins. The fact that it is in Tuscaloosa makes it worse for A&M. 45-17 Tide.
# 17 Arkansas at #21 Auburn Auburn- Their defense is really good. I think Allen will struggle to throw the ball, and Auburn's offense will be able to move the ball on the Hogs. It'll be close, but I think home field advantage makes the difference. Auburn- The SEC's motto right now is, "It just means more." Well what is more than nothing? Because this game means nothing. Arkansas- My record is piss poor now so lets make picks on random facts. Auburn has the QB from Last Chance U. He was and still is full of himself and I didn't like him. So I pick against him and go with Arkansas. Arkansas- Auburn is playing better than most anticipated coming into 2016 but I'm still feeling good on Arkansas. That might just be me riding the high from them being my upset pick over Ole Miss last week... whatever who cares? Auburn- Auburn is entering a tough stretch in its season, but things are starting to come together for the Tigers. I like Auburn to protect home field in this one. Auburn- I think these teams are very similar, good but not great SEC West teams, so I will go with the home team. Auburn- Auburn is quietly having a decent season and will slow down Arkansas to get the win. Arkansas- Tough to win at Georgia, but the little secret here is Auburn isn't actually that good. Arkansas- The Hogs looks solid this season. I like them in a close game. Auburn- This game is a toss up for me, but since Auburn is at home I'll lean towards the Tigers. Auburn- Auburn has found their rhythm. While Arkansas is a solid ball club, I think the physical nature of the Auburn defense wins this game... close. 31-17 Auburn.
Washington State at ASU WSU- The Pirate has the Cougs rolling right now. ASU is still banged up, and even at home, I don't think they can handle the high power offense. WSU- This game may finally achieve my pipe dream of not having to watch a single punt for an entire game. If that happens, we're all winners. WSU- I have said for the entire season that ASU's record does not indicate how good they really are. They're bad, so bad. I believe in Mike Leach. WSU- In spite of ASU's better record I think WSU is playing better football and their defense has stepped up their game a level above ASU's. Manny Wilkins especially is hurting pretty bad. That doesn't bode well. WSU- Wazzu is on a tear, becoming a threat in the North if Washington slips up. ASU stunk it up last week, so this one should go to the Cougs. WSU- This one might get trickier than it seems down in the desert, but the Cougs are still playing way better than the Sun Devils right now. WSU- I think ASU's defense is horrible and WSU is improving so in an aerial shootout WSU has the advantage. WSU- Speaking of secrets, ASU isn't good at all, and that's truly not a secret. WSU- The Cougs have looked great as of late. They take care of an ailing ASU team. WSU- Leach is in Todd Graham's head with all the "stealing signs" talk. I think the Cougs roll BIG TIME. WSU- ASU might be down to a 30th string QB. Going against a similar team as they saw in CU, that is not good. 38-17 Cougs.
#19 Utah at UCLA Utah- I just think UCLA is overrated. Everyone is picking UCLA this week, but I think Rosen will get no help, and Utah's defense will be stifling. Plus, I want the Rumble in the Rockies at the end of the year to mean something. Utah- I was going to pick UCLA for my own sanity, but screw it. Besides, if I'm already numb from pain, I won't feel that last kick to the balls of being wrong anyway. UCLA- This is the kitchen sink game for the Bruins. They need this game or else the season is basically over. Last week I went against the Bruins and actually got a pick right.. SO OF COURSE I'M PICKING THEM THIS WEEK. I believe in Rosen, and this defense. that's it though. Utah- Even with Josh Rosen and/or offense not underwhelming likee the Bruins has this year, the Utah defense is not something I'd look forward to going up against. That being said, the Utah offense isn't anything to marvel at going against a UCLA defense similar to Utah. This should be low scoring, but Troy Williams slipperiness as a QB makes the difference. UCLA- This could be a close game that may come down to the last possession, and in that case, I'll go with the better QB in Rosen. UCLA- I think Josh Rosen will be back and the Bruins will be able to squeeze out just a little more offense at home than the equally offensively challenged Utes. UCLA- Utah squeaking bye Oregon State leads me to believe they are due for an upset. UCLA- People are suddenly down on Josh Rosen. If he plays, his performance will quiet the doubters. UCLA- With Rosen expected to start, I'll take UCLA in this matchup. Utah- This pick is assuming Rosen either doesn't play or doesn't finish the game. UCLA's O-line is awful, and Utah may get some key players back from injury this week. UCLA-Rosen might not play, but Mike Fafaul has a full game under his belt now. Utah is the only ranked team to give up more yards per play than it gains. 27-20 Bruins.
Oregon at Cal Cal- Webb is going to play, and it's a home game. I don't think he'll play overly well, but Oregon's defense is beyond awful. Cal in a shootout. Oregon- I could make a joke about bad defense here but I'm going to refrain because it wouldn't be fair since neither team could defend themelves against it. Oregon- This is an ugly game. Davis Webb may not play and if he doesn't I dk how Cal will do. Oregon gave up 70... I'm not confident in this game, honestly I'm picking Oregon because I like their uniforms. Oregon-Yes, I know they're not doing well at all right now and the last couple weeks have sounded like a dumpster fire in the locker room. However, Oregon has talent and a QB who did quite well against one of the top defense's two weeks ago, and Cal's defense is bad. If Oregon gets their mental state together (big if) they can win. Davis Webb is also hot and cold. I'm taking a risk, but hey why not? Cal- Oregon has been an absolute disaster on defense this season, and with Davis Webb lighting up the scoreboard with 22 TD"s so far this season, I envision Call putting up a lot of points Friday night. Cal- The Bears are at home and have a little more defense than the Ducks right now. Lets say the Bears get a 66-63 win. Cal- I believe the rumor that Oregon players just don't care if they win or lose anymore and Cal takes down an unmotivated Ducks team. Cal- Oregon off a bye week is scary, but the Bears pull one out late. Conservative estimate puts total combined points at 95. Oregon- I think the Ducks are playing for their jobs. They find a way to win at Cal. Cal- If Webb plays, Oregon's defesne will have a hard time stopping the Bear-Raid. Cal- Oregon can't stop a nosebleed and the problem this year is they cannot score to mask that issue as in the past. Cal in a rout. 49-28.
Texas at Kansas State Texas- KSU has quarterback issues, and Texas is in a MUST win situation. The Little Apple is a tough place to play, but lose this game, and Charlie Strong is gone. Kansas State- The Big-12 didn't expand again which is a good thing because that would deprive us of the future marquee matchups like this one. This is sarcasm btw. Texas- As a Big 12 kind of guy, I know how bad both teams are. Picking against old man Bill is hard but Texas may have learned to play defense last week. This will be a good win for Charlie and one step closer to keeping his job. Texas- Oh my god, Seriously? Neither of these teams has a quality win: UTEP, Notre Dame, Iowa State, or Texas Tech... Ugh... Texas, I guess, because Buechele's story of how he's not supposed to have ever been born, or conceived is hilarious. Texas- Charlie Strong is basically holding on to his job at this point. Despite what others say, I wouldn't be surprise if the plug is pulled at any moment from here on out. With that being said, Texas should be able to move to 4-3 with a win over an average KSU team. Texas- This is exactly the kind of game the Longhorns seem to lose in recent years, but they have a ton of pressure on them and need to get a win. Kansas State- Bye bye Charlie. I'm sure you land somewhere nice. Kansas State is just good enough to beat a mediocre Texas team using solid defense. Kansas State- All those who want to play in a bowl game raise your hands. (Only Wildcats raise their hands... paws) Texas- The Longhorns are down, but they still shouldn't have trouble with KSU. Texas by 13. Texas- Charlie Strong is bound to win a road game, right? Kansas State- Texas circled the wagons last week against Iowa State, but going into a hostile environment in Manhattan against a team that can score and actually play defense, I'm taking the Cats. 31-21 KSU.