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Pacific Takes Top 25 10/24: Washington moves into Top 5 and Utah into the Top 15

Five Pac-12 teams hold strong in the Top 25.

NCAA Football: Utah at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama 8-0

2. Michigan 7-0

3. Clemson 7-0

4. Washington 7-0 - The Huskies did what they needed to do again by beating an overmatched opponent in about three minutes. Their resume is still a little light, but they get to start proving things this Saturday when they have to play at Utah. The Huskies can show they belong up here if they can win on the road against arguably the best team in the Pac-12 South.

5. Ohio State 6-1

6. Louisville 6-1

7. West Virginia 6-0

8. Nebraska 7-0

9. Texas A&M 6-1

10. Baylor 6-0

11. Florida 5-1

12. Penn State 5-2

13. Wisconsin 5-2

14. Auburn 5-2

15. Utah 7-1 - Utah’s offense came alive against UCLA and showed the Utes are more than a one trick pony. They get their chance to pull off a win at home against Washington Saturday and become a true Playoff contender and potential Top 10 team/Pac-12 favorite.

16. Tennessee 5-2

17. Oklahoma 5-2

18. LSU 5-2

19. Boise State 7-0

20. Washington State 5-2 - Watch out for the Cougars. They have a very soft schedule until the final two weeks of the season when they play at Colorado and then host Washington. They could creep up into the Top 10 by then if they win the games they should.

21. Colorado 6-2 - Colorado just won at Stanford because of their defense. Think about hearing that going into the season. The Buffs are for real and are right there with Utah as the favorites to win the Pac-12 South.

22. Virginia Tech 5-2

23. North Carolina 6-2

24. Florida State 5-2

25. USC 4-3 - My team the watch in the Pac-12 the rest of the season. The margins are slim, the Trojans could still make a lot of noise in the Pac-12. Let’s see how they fare Thursday night in a home game they should win against Cal.

On the edge

Western Michigan, Navy, Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, San Diego State