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Week 9 Staff Picks

Pacific Takes Staff makes their Week 9 Picks

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The staff makes their picks on this weeks big games.

Last Week's Record 6-1 5-2 3-4 4-3 4-3 4-3 5-2 4-3 2-5 5-2 6-1
Season Record 39-17 35-21 29-27 33-23 35-21 35-21 34-22 31-25 29-27 34-22 6-1
Name Taylor Henry Ryan Larson Jose Bouquett Gabey Lucas Eli Boettger Jack Follman Simeon Moses David Colangelo Travis King Andrew Burnett Chris Shepard
#4 Washington at #17 Utah Washington- Utah doesn't have an explosive offense. Don't be fooled by the 52 they scored last week. Washington is rolling, and I expect it to continue. Watch Browning make his Heisman statement this week. Washington- Life is all about minimizing sadness. I'm doing that this week by picking against Utah in case they lose. Also, I will minimize sadness by not watching anymore political coverage. Washington- I would love to pick Utah because I know that no one is going to pick them this week. But I believe in the UW Hype Highway. If it wasn't for Lamar Jackson, I wouldn't be surprised if a certain UW QB was the Heisman frontrunner. Washington- UW's strength's in the red zone vs. Utah's weaknesses there don't bode well for the Utes. Among other reasons, I'm going Washington 38-23. Washington- It's now or never for the Huskies. This is the toughest game remaining on their schedule (including the PAC-12 Championship), so if UW can come out victorious, there's a good chance they run the table. Utah must find a way to slow down Browning and the passing offense. Washington- The Utes can test the Huskies, but I think the Huskies are more balanced and I don't think they will let former Husky Troy Williams beat them. Washington- Browning is too good through the air and Gaskin too good on the groun. UW's defense will stop the run. Washington- UW proved it can win in a tough environment when it won at Arizona (Jk, when it beat Oregon AT Oregon by infinity). Utes can't hang for 60 minutes against that defense. Washington- UW is going to have quite a challenge on the road this week. Utah is no slouch, but the Huskies move on and remain unbeaten. Utah- What can I say? I'm a homer. Washington- Still not sold on Utah being as good as they seem. They gave up 45 points to a UCLA team with a backup QB. I like UW in this one big as they keep rolling to the playoffs. 45-17.
#7 Nebraska at #11 Wisconsin Wisconsin- I really contemplated taking Nebraska. UW's senior leader on defense is done for the year, and Nebraska has that "Team of Destiny" garbage schedule deal going. With that being said, Wisconsin defense makes one stop late. Wisconsin- Some quick predictions for ya. There will be one TD scored in this game. It will likey come with a blocked punt return. Nobody will enjoy watching this game. Wisconsin- Who has Nebraska played? No one. Who has Wisconsin played? Good teams. Wisconsin wins. Wisconsin- Nebraska's good, but as I heard a Nebraska fan put it, "We're the worst this good team in a while." Badgers are tough mofo's so I got my money on them. Figuratively anyway... Wisconsin- I wasn't impressed with what Nebraska did against Purdue, struggling for a good 45+ minutes against one of the worst teams in the country that just canned their coach. Wisconsin should protect home field against the Huskers. Wisconsin- The Badgers are due for a big win after testing Michigan and Ohio State. Nebraska is due for their first loss. Wisconsin- Badgers have had some tough breaks in their two narrow losses to ranked teams. Wisconsin's defense is really good, and I would expect them to shut down Nebraska in a low scoring game. Wisconsin- Nebraska is easily the least impressive undefeated team. Wisconsin is battle-tested, and it's tough to win on the road at Camp Randall. Wisconsin- I've said this ealrier this year, Wisconsin is a good football team. Nebraska hasn't played hardly any talent this year. I think the Badgers give them a wak up call and hand them their first loss. Wisconsin- The Huskers will struggle against the Badgers defense. Mike Riley's luck will run out in Madison. Wisconsin- Nebraska has people dreaming about the 90's again. Sad thing is that they are not living in Portlandia... the dream dies this weekend at Camp Randall. Wisconsin has beaten LSU and only lost to Michigan by 6 and OSU in OT. Wisconsin 24-13.
#3 Clemson at #12 Florida State Clemson- This is exactly the type of game that Dabo Sweeney's team makes a statement. They haven't played well, but watch Watson air it out against a suspect FSU defense. Clemson- Is there a way we can somehow sneak Lamar Jackson into this game? Even if he was put on Clemson's roster as the long snapper this game would become 500x better. Clemson- I don't like FSU. I like Clemson. I Love Dabo. I love Watson. This is an easy pick. Clemson by double digits. Florida State- Seminoles because it's my Maverick pick of the week. Clemson- Despite reaching the national championship game last year, it still feels like we're not talking about Clemson enough. It's never easy winning at FSU, but Clemson should scratch out a win. Clemson- Something just seems to be off with FSU this year and I'll go with the team that has the better quarterback. Clemson- Deshaun Watson> Dalvin Cook. Florida State- At FSU. Clemson hasn't faced a true hostile road environment yet this year. Clemson gives up rushing yards. Meet Dalvin Cook. Huge day coming for him. Upset city. Clemson- This is going to be a tough environment for Clemsn. I just don't think FSU has quite enough to get it done at home. Florida State- FSU is coming off a bye and should be at full health on Saturday. Noles pull off the upset. Clemson- Clemson is doing what Clemson does. The offense is starting to click and the defense is stingy enough to cause problems. Clemson is deeper and older than FSU. I like Clemson... close 31-28.
ASU at Oregon Oregon- ASU is not a good team, and they proved it last week and the week before. Oregon is terrible too, but you have to think they're going to get it going. Plus, I despise Todd Graham. He's trash. Oregon- I'm glad we're picking Oregon's game again this week so the Ducks can let me down one more time this season. How did we get to this point Oregon? ASU- Graham got metaphorically punched in the mouth last week by Mike Leach. He almost physically punched Leach too, which would have made everyone's day much better. Instead, he's going to try and punch Oregon. It'll be close but I like the Sun Devils. Oregon- I'm just going to keep picking Oregon until they finall win. But also all of their losses minus the Washington schools were by 3 points. Their defense is still a dumpster fire but against ASU and their slide I feel like they'll finally be able to (somewhat) get out of their own rut. Oregon- Good lord. Do I have to pick one? Oregon, I guess. Oregon- This should be another 66-63 all offense PAC-12 game between 2 struggling teams. The home team is due to pull one out. ASU- Sun Devils steal Oregon's smoke signals and sinks them as they ford the river. Oregon- Herbert is a threat. Against this ASU team, with seriues QB issues, that will be more than enough. Oregon- This is a tough game to pick. I think Oregon will win by less than a TD at home. ASU- Graham won't even need to steal signs to win this game. Oregon- For 2 Quarters last week, Oregon looked like Oregon. I think the QB position is an issue at both schools, but I will go with the more healthy, hungry team. Oregon wins a needed game at home 49-42.
Stanford at Arizona Stanford- People continue to write off CU's defense. Stanford couldn't score because CU played well. They replaced Burns at QB with Chryst, and they'll find a way to beat AZ in a scrimmage type atmosphere in Tucson. Arizona- I don't go to Stanford but I ran some complex math algorithms and they told me Stanford's offense is butt. Don't ask me to show my work. Stanford- When in doubt, pick the better coach. Rich Rod's time at Arizona is ticking away and Stanford is going to make the clock tick faster.. Plus, the McCaffrey guy will probably be back to 100%. Stanford- Last week was... anemic. It wouldn't blow my mind if Arizona pulled off the upset but I'm still not going to bank my record this week on it. Let's see what Keller Chryst can do with his starting opportunity this week. Stanford- Arizona's a mess. Stanford is too, but at least they have better players. So yeah.. Stanford. Stanford- These two teams have to be so hungry for a win. Stanford has more talent, even though they're on the road. Arizona- Stanford doesn't know how to score points. Arizona- Said before the year that this would be Arizona's upset. With Stanford's recent struggles, it's not a big one, but UA gets it done at home. Stanford- The Cardinal are not what we thought they were. That said, Arizona is just a bad football team. Stanford should win by 2 scores. Stanford-The bleeding has to stop at some point right? Stanford- 10-5. Most teams that would hold and explosive team like CU to 10 would have a W... Stanford is lacking an offensive identity right now. That will not matter though. Arizona is already in the gym shooting hoops. 28-10
#10 West Virginia at Oklahoma State West Virginia- Am I really in the monority here? Nobody gives WVU any credit. Oklahoma State isn't good, and Gundy's mullet isn't going to be enough to beat that high powered offense. West Virginia-We all need WVU to keep winning because it keeps us from ever having to acknowledge Baylor exists. That feels like a win for all of us. Oklahoma State- LETS. FREAKING. GO. OSU had a horrible homecoming tragedy last year, one year later they will honor the 4 victims of that tragedy before the biggest game of the year for OSU.The Cowboys will win this game, the paddle people will be loud, the crowd will be packed. Country Roads will take WVU home with a loss. West Virginia- Just like how I don't want to bank my record on AZ pulling the upset, I also don't want to bank my record on WVU finally losing. Call it a gambler's fallacy, but I call it cowardice. And it's going to bring me vicotry this week. Oklahoma State- Yes, I'm taking the bait. OSU shocks and undefeated WVU squad. Pandemonium in Stillwater. Oklahoma State- Like Nebraska, I think WVU is due to drop a game. On the road against an improving Cowboys team should be where it happens. Oklahoma State- A top 10 upset in the making as OSU takes down the posers of West Virginia who are not top 10 material. West Virginia- WVU likes to party. That's a known fact, Jack. Men, say around the self-proclaimed age of 40, don't party as much. See what I did there? West Virginia- WVU continues to be underrated in the B12 this year and nationally. It's possible they go into OSU and blow them out. Mountaineers will remain undefeated. Oklahoma State- Gundy's mullet has magical powers in Stillwater. West Virginia- WVU is the most under the radar team in the country. They have the same offensive explosiveness they've always had under Holgersen. The difference is they play D this year too. Mike Gundy might be a man... but they don't have enough men for this fight. 38-21 WVU.
UCF at Houston Houston- Don't sleep on UCF. Scott Frost is a good coach, and he probably would have been a good choice at Nebraska. They're going to play this game tough, and take Houston all the way to the wire. Houston will win thanks to Greg Ward, but it'll be closer than the experts think. Houston- The Cougars lost to SMU last week. I can't wait for Tom Herman to become the coach at Texas so he can et paid even more money to lose to lesser opponents with fewer resources. Houston- I have no idea why this game is on here. I don't care about either team, but I do care about Tom Herman. He's a great coach and the future coach of the Texas Longhorns. He's going to bolster his resume and find a way to win against a tough team. Houston- I'm too lazy to elaborate. Houston- Which Houston team is the one that we'll see the rest of the year? The one that powered into the CFP discussion or the one that got blown out by SMU? I'm very cautious and aware that UCF could storm into Houston and pick up the W, but picking UH at home seems like a much safer choice. Houston- A nice bounce back game for the Cougs against a decent UCF team, but a decent one they should beat at home. Houston- Greg Ward bounces back after a bad game and goes crazy through the air to blow out UCF. Houston- While Houston is not who we thought they might be (hoped?), UCF doesn't have Greg Ward Jr. Too bad, so sad. Houston- Oh Houston. After an embarrassing loss to SMU, they will want to repair their image. I think they beat UCF soundly. Houston- Tom Herman will have one eye on the game and one eye on Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Houston- What in the world has happened to Houston? They were the hope of the little guy going to the big dance. Now, they may not win their own division in their own conference. UCF is playing well, and Oregon would die to have Scott Frost back calling plays. UCF is getting better, but Houston is still deep, athletic, and will rebound. Houston 31-24.