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Pac-12 TV Guide week six: a very balanced week of Pac-12 action

Almost impossible to order a wealth of solid Pac-12 games this week.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week - Washington at Oregon - 4:30pm FOX

This is the hardest to pick week I can ever remember. All of these games are all about the same, so I am going to go with Washington trying to end the streak at Oregon with the Ducks playing to have a chance at saving their season and maybe save Mark Helfrich’s job. Don’t sleep on this one either as the Huskies are coming off their best performance in more than a decade and would be ripe for a hangover. Watch out for this one if the Huskies let the Ducks hang around.

Dad’s Take: This game won’t get Mark Helfrich fired, but it might get me inappropriately drunk by 6:00PM.

Mouth’s Take: Husky Nation, is this the year?!?!??!!?? If anyone is curious how long it's been….there's a Twitter handle for that….

2. Colorado at USC - 1pm Pac-12 Networks

Holy hell. Who would have thought this would be a big game going in. The Buffs have shown they are a legit contender this year, but this is their biggest in-conference test yet. On the USC side, this is a must-win for the Trojans, even with the Buffs greatly improved, as a lost here could be a fatal blow for Clay Helton.

Dad’s Take: CU is like a toddler trying to navigate a set of stairs. We’re all rooting for them, but we know it’s going to end in tears.

Mouth’s Take: Three in a row for CU? Is that even possible? Clay Helton still packing a shiv? That is not only possible, it is probable.

3. UCLA at Arizona State - 7:30pm ESPN2

The Bruins are quietly looking like the best team in the Pac-12, but road trips to Tempe are always tests and the Sun Devils have the offensive firepower to make this one a game on a hot night in the desert.

Dad’s Take: Pillow? Check. Blanket? Check. Water? Check. 11:47PM couch pass out? Definitely.

Mouth’s Take: A South battle, can ASU stay in the hunt? Or is UCLA going to go Alpha Male on the division? Is the division full of Omegas? Time to find out.

4. Washington State at Stanford - 7:30pm ESPN

This one was a classic in Pullman last year and Washington State showed they could very well rally from a disappointing non-conference slate and remain a contender in the North last week by bashing Oregon. Stanford got beat as bad as they have since maybe before the Jim Harbaugh era last week and will have a lot to prove in a game with huge implications in the North.

Dad’s Take: Playing Stanford’s D after Oregon’s is like jumping in the snow after soaking in a hot tub.

Mouth’s Take: Wazzu coming off a huge win over Oregon while a wounded Stanford squad tries to rebound. Is Stanford done? Is Wazzu shaping up to make the Apple Cup enormous?

5. Arizona at Utah - 7pm FOX Sports 1

Arizona seems to give Utah trouble and the Utes are a bit offensively challenged, so this is an interesting match-up to see whose style wins out.

Dad’s Take: We could save everyone a lot of time and money by having BYU mediate instead of playing this game.

Mouth’s Take: Border War!!!!!!! Can Utah rebound after a crushing loss at Cal? Can Arizona make the Final 4? Time will tell.

6. Cal at Oregon State - 6pm Pac-12 Networks

Cal is looking strong after a win over Utah, but this one is on the road and I feel the Beavers can still make strides after a very tough Pac-12 opening loss at Colorado. This is likely the least-interesting game of the week, but don’t completely write it off.

Dad’s Take: Traffic on I-5 is gonna suck.

Mouth’s Take: Cal is coming of its best win in forever while OSU is perfecting its normal mid season form, any concern Cal fans?

Dad (Jeremy) and Mouth host the Pacific Takes Podcast.