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Pacific Takes Week 6 Picks

The Staff picks this weeks big games

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Southern California Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Week 6 has arrived, and the Pacific Takes Staff picks the big games for this weekend.

Last Week's Record 4-3 3-4 2-5 3-4 6-1 4-3 4-3 4-3 4-3 5-2
Season Record 24-11 19-16 18-17 18-17 22-13 22-13 20-15 19-16 17-18 19-17
Name Taylor Henry Ryan Larson Jose Bouquett Gabey Lucas Eli Boettger Jack Follman Simeon Moses David Colangelo Travis King Andrew Burnett
#9 Tennessee at #8 Texas A&M Texas A&M- The Vols can't get behind by 17 at Kyle Field and come back. This time, their win streak comes to a halt. A&M by a field goal late. Texas A&M- Eventually Tennessee has to run out of luck right? I mean, the Kardashians finally ran out of luck this week. Too soon? Texas A&M- Last week was my worst week of the season so lets try something different. My head says A&M so lets go A&M. Texas A&M- Tennessee has needed a whoooole lot of luck and some bad UGA Hail Mary defense to get where they are now. That doesn't mean they aren't a good team, but at a certain point you need to play a complete game. I don't see that happening with A&M's trench warfare defense. Tennessee- The Vols seem to find ways to win. Last week they used a last second Hail Mary to knock off Georgia, and this week they should be able to edge out A&M. Texas A&M- The Volunteers have remained undefeated and looked good at times, but they still look vulnerable to me. I think traveling to College Station will be too much for them. Texas A&M- Tennessee keeps getting lucky with all these comebacks. Not this time. The Aggies are too strong at home. Texas A&M- Is anyone convinced that Tennessee is actually good? Texas A&M- How Tennessee is in the top 10 is beyond me. Aggies win at home. Texas A&M- I think the Vols luck runs out in College Station. 12th Man!
#21 Colorado at USC USC- Colorado is for real, and this won't derail their chances to win the South. Special Teams makes the difference, CU plays TOUGH, but comes up short on the road. 30-27 USC- It on'y took 5 weeks, but the Trojans realized they're supposed to be good at football. I'm still waiting for the Suicide Squad to realize it should be good. Colorado- I'm doing this for you Taylor! Colorado wins big. USC- I've gone back and forth on this for the last 10 minutes, but I feel like USC is starting to figure themselves out. Even without that, they would be one of the better defense's Colorado has faced, and they'll definitely be the best defense Steven Montez has faced. USC- Colorado has been impressive, but this is one of those matchups that I don't see going well for the Buffs. This is still Colorado against USC. USC- The Buffs are a lot better, but the Trojans are too talented and focused with their backs against the wall to lose this game. USC- The Trojans have been up and down, but they are still a better team than CU despite the rankings. USC- The Trojans look good with Darnold. CU still hasn't convinced me they're legit. USC- The Rise starts to fall at the Coliseum. CU may be improved, but they still have a long way to go. USC- The Trojans are starting to fix their mistakes from the first 4 games. Darnold will get USC their first win against a ranked team in the Buffs this weekend.
UCLA at ASU UCLA- Rosen hasn't impressed, but he'll look good against a reeling ASU squad with serious questions at QB after the Wilkins injury. ASU- I love picking ASU games because you have to ask yourself if scoring 50 will be enough for the Sun Devils to win. Yay defense. UCLA- Rosen and company had their best offensive game last week. It's going to continue because it's Rosen's world and we're just living in it. UCLA- Although they've shown a tendency to underwhelm, their two losses went down to the wire against really good teams. ASU's lack of D doesn't bode well, while UCLA's defense should give the Sun Devils trouble. UCLA-I have a feeling that this is one of those games where Rosen has a performance that we've come to expect from a player of his caliber. HE has been underwhelming in 5 games, and this should be his opportunity to shine. UCLA- The Bruins are a much more complete team than the Sun Devils and will keep their offense humming against another questionable defense from the state of AZ. UCLA- The Bruins are better than their reord shows and Rosen is finally going to have a great game. UCLA- If ASU can't hang with USC, they won't keep it close against UCLA. UCLA- If Manny Wilkins isn't 100%, this game will look similar to last week's ASUUSC game. UCLA should get this done anyway. UCLA- Only reason I like the Bruins in this game is because ASU has questions at QB. That's kind of a big deal.
Texas vs. Oklahoma (Cotton Bowl) Oklahoma- This could be Charlie Strong's last stand. Baker Mayfield is going to shred the Texas defense. It could get ugly at the Cotton Bowl. Oklahoma- Remember when Texas was back after beating Notre Dame? Well, they're back to being bad now. Texas- I will never pick OU. Texas wins in an offensive shootout. Don't be surprised if this ends 50-47. Oklahoma- It's OU vs. UT which translates to anything can happen, and we're all gonna be wrong. So naturally, I'll say OU and then Texas will win. Oklahoma- After a rough start, maybe Stoops and company are finally able to regain their footing. Winning the Red River Rivalry might be just what they need to get back in the NY6 Convo. Oklahoma- Both of these teams are disappointing, so I will go with the More talented one. Oklahoma- The support left for Charlie Strong will erode when Oklahoma beats them badly. Oklahoma- Texas cannot stop anyone. Mayfield should have a big day. Oklahoma- The Sooners are looking for revenge after Texas ruined their season last year. Baker Mayfield leads OU to a win. Oklahoma- Charlie Strong pulled off the miracle last year to save his job. He won't have that luck this year. Stoops will play that role this year and Strong will get fired at seasons end.
Arizona at Utah Utah- Neither of these teams have impressed, but I give Utah the edge at home. It's a tough place to play in Salt Lake, and Arizona won't be able to score enough. Utah- If the Wildcats need a QB, I'm pretty sure Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite still has eligibility. He can throw footballs over mountains. Utah- The Utes lost a disappointing game last week and usually when that happens to a good team, they bounce back. With every loss Rich Rod's job security is dwindling. Utah- I could legitimately see Arizona pulling off the upset, but I think Utah's defense will hold steady. Utah- Intriguing matchup, but one that the Utes are capable of winning at home. Utah could still be undefeated if not for a goal line stand last week, and AZ is still operating with its 3rd string QB. Utah- The Utes have the defense to limit a less dynamic than usual Arizona offense and grind out one of their signature 24-10 type wins. Utah- The Utes continue to chug along as a dark horse to win the PAC-12 South. Arizona is not going on the road and beating Utah's defense. Arizona- Rich Rod and company have had Utah's number in recent years. Welcome (maybe) to the Khalil Tate Show. Utah- They simply can't mess up that bad two weeks in a row. Utah- Mainly picking the Utes because they have less injuries than Arizona AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING.
#1 Alabama at #16 Arkansas Alabama- Fayetteville will be rocking, but Saban and the Tide won't be overmatched in the trenches. Tide pull away late. Alabama-Death, Donald Trump avoiding taxes, Hillary Clinton avoiding emails, and Bama winning titles. These are the only 4 things inevitable in life. Alabama- I would love to pick the Hogs. Last week, I probably would have. But my head says to pick the team with the 2nd best coach in CFB. Bama is going to impress. Alabama- I really want to pick Arkansas, but I'm too much of a coward so I'm going with Alabama. Alabama- I'm not falling for the "this is the week to pick against the Tide" hype. I have to see it to believe it. Bama over the Hogs. Alabama- The Crimson Tide are too talented and too well coached to lose games like this. If they lose, it's going to be against an elite team. Alabama- The dynasty continues as Bama steamrolls another opponent and Saban feasts on hog this Saturday. Alabama- The Tide has the bulk to handle Arkansas with ease. Alabama- Arkansas showed promise against A&M a couple of weeks ago, but they're still outmatched against the Tide. I think this game will be closer than people expect. Alabama- Brett Bielema hasn't sold his soul to the College Football Gods. Nick Saban has. The Tide rolls.
Washington St. at #15 Stanford Stanford- I just don't think David Shaw is going to be embarrassed 2 weeks in a row. Especially not at home. They'll get back to running the ball. Stanford- Have you all seen the movie Revenge of the Nerds? I didn't, but I'm assuming that's how this game will play out after the Cardinal got smoked by Washington last week. Stanford- Poor, poor Cougars. Stanford is going to come out mad and dominate this game. If Christian McCaffery doesn't have 200 yards in this game I'll be shocked. Stanford- Meeks and Holder are still doubtful for Saturday, but I think ironically the Air Raid will be less challenging for the Stanford back up CB's due to its focus on short passes. Since Stanford's strengths are physicality and fundamentals, tackling well and preventing too many YAC. FB Daniel Marx being out should be a bigger issue for the Cardinal. Despite that, I'm going with Stanford. But is should be close. Stanford- WSU has been playing better as of late, but Stanford should be able to bounce back after a devastating loss last week at Washington. Stanford- The Cougars are going to get a banged up but pumped up Cardinal team in need of a win big time at home. Stanford- David Shaw wants revenge against the state of Washington and will get it with a dominatne win in Palo Alto. Stanford- The Cardinal after a huge loss is anyone's worst nightmare. Stanford- The Cardinal should handle WSU easily, especially coming off of that embarrassing loss last week vs. UW. They will look to repair their reputation. Stanford- I just don't see Stanford losing back to back games this year. Stanford by 2 TD's.