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Are the Washington Huskies Getting Hosed?

Husky fans upset over initial playoff rankings

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NCAA Football: Washington at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It’s here everybody. The poll that all college football fans lose their collective mind over. The first College Football Playoff poll was released and let’s just make the assumption that people in Seattle are upset.

The top four spots in the playoff poll goes as such: 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Michigan 4. Texas A&M.

What? No Washington?

Well, the Huskies are in the five hole. Should they be ranked five?

Absolutely not. Washington should be in the top four in the rankings. The Huskies are undefeated. Usually that gets you the benefit of the doubt in the polls. Not this time. It is plainly obvious that the committee looks at the SEC differently than they do everybody else. The playoff committee believes the teams in that southern conference are better overall than the teams in the Pac-12.

If Texas A&M were to play Washington, the Huskies would beat the Aggies convincingly. I have no doubt in my mind that the Huskies would drop at least 50 on the Texas A&M. The Huskies are much more balanced as team than the Aggies.

Jake Browning, Myles Gaskin, John Ross, and Dante Pettis would have a field day against that 78th ranked defense in the Aggies.

What about the schedules? Could that have been the deciding factor?

Sometimes the non-conference schedule gets teams in trouble in the rankings. Not with Texas A&M.

Let’s see here. The Aggies had to go to overtime against a UCLA team that may not be very good, the Aggies played the “dominant” Prairie View A&M, the Aggies also had to deal with the national power that is New Mexico State, and have to worry about the University of Texas-San Antonio. Don’t forget that the Aggies play a below average Mississippi State team this upcoming weekend. Whew. Not sure if a team from the south can handle that. What a joke.

Washington is a team that also has its schedule issues. However, what they have done to teams on the offensive side and defensive side of the ball is beyond impressive.

The Huskies dropped Stanford easily, they put 70 on the board against Oregon, and destroyed the teams that they should have.

Washington’s defense also shut down these same teams. The most points anybody has scored on the Huskies has been 28. For a Pac-12 team to do that is saying something. Defense wins championships right? Washington’s defense is currently ranked 17th. Texas A&M isn’t. The Aggies are not even close to the Huskies in total defense.

All the Huskies have to worry about is winning. Washington has a date with their rival in Washington State at the end of the year which could be a very entertaining game.

If the Huskies win out the strength of schedule should win out as well for them. The SOS for Washington is ranked 14th the rest of the way. The SOS of the Aggies is ranked 40th.

My advice to Washington Husky fans is to R-E-L-A-X. You should be ranked in the top four right now, but this playoff ranking stuff will work itself out. Don’t worry about the rankings. Worry about your team taking the season one game at a time and focusing on what team is in front of them.

If Huskies do that you can make playoff reservations.