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Pac-12 TV Guide week 11: all about USC at Washington

Time to get back to big-time Pac-12 games.

NCAA Football: Washington at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week - USC at Washington 4:30pm FOX

This game can’t come soon enough after how dull last week in the Pac-12 was. The Huskies face one of their biggest tests of the season as a ultra-talented USC team that has won five-straight comes up to Seattle. The Huskies are solidly favored, but it just feels like the Trojans are building momentum and can match the Huskies. I have a feeling this could be like that 2011 USC at Oregon game where a talented and gelling USC goes up to the Northwest in November and tries to steal the dream from a Northwest team.

Dad’s Take: UDub better not be looking at their CFP rankings.

Mouth’s Take: I’ll take what is the worst two fanbases in the P12 for 2000, Alex. After that, I will take soulless ginger Qb’s in college football, and finally, who the fuck wears purple as a serious color?

2. Cal at Washington State 7:30 ESPN

Not a great secondary game, but don’t sleep on this one at least being fun. The Bear Raid vs. Mike Leach’s spread. Davis Webb vs. Luke Falk. Passing, passing, passing. Hopefully this game doesn’t go till 12:30 a.m. though.

Dad’s Take: #Pac12AfterDark will surely ruin my Sunday once again.

Mouth’s Take: O/U 182. What? You score points in this conference, we put fans in the stands, and we start games at fucking near midnight EST.

3. Stanford at Oregon 1pm Pac-12 Networks

This game is on Pac-12 Networks? Holy s***. How fast this game fell off is going to be mocked, but it is still a game Pac-12 fans should watch. These teams are fighting to salvage their seasons and neither can afford to lose this game and reach their attainable goals. Plus, it’s still an interesting match-up of all-out offense vs. all-out defense and ball control.

Dad’s Take: This feels like the appropriate “time-out” for this rivalry.

Mouth’s Take: The Shame Game, this 1pm PST/4pm EST time slot on the p12 is where we send the teams we aren’t disappointed of, but ashamed of. Enjoy anonymity, losers!!!!!!!!

4. Utah at Arizona State Thursday 6:30pm FOX Sports 1

These are the kinds of games you like to see on Thursday. One you don’t have to be glued to, but which has some weight and could turn into a surprisingly good one. The Sun Devils are reeling and the Utes look tough as nails, but anything could happen on a Thursday night in Tempe.

Dad’s Take: Utah and I will have to stay up past our bedtime to finish this one.

Mouth’s Take: Mormons versus the literal definition of heathens (you know it’s true ASU fans). My money's on the Mormons and GOD, but you know the heathens are going to have their “fun...most likely anally.

5. Colorado at Arizona 7pm FOX Sports 1

It doesn’t look like Arizona is ever going to wake up this season. This could be a trap game for Colorado as they ready for a huge closing two weeks against Washington State and Utah, but it is going to take a complete 180 from the Wildcats.

Dad’s Take: A very good team can do really stupid things in Tucson at night.

Mouth’s Take: Don’t fuck this up Colorado, Dad bet his house, wife, and kids on you finally winning something. You want him on the street trying to score smack by giving guys “blowies”?

6. Oregon State at UCLA 6pm Pac-12 Networks

This one might be a better game than some of these other games, but there is almost nothing at stake other than minor accomplishments for each team and keeping UCLA’s razor thin bowl hopes alive.

Dad’s Take: This is the game where all the parents are on the sidelines trying to figure out snapchat.

Mouth’s Take: This game shouldn’t even be played. Spare the carbon footprint of sending one garbage team to play another. We only win if Mora stabs an assistant on the sideline and skull fucks his face.

Dad and Mouth host the Pacific Takes Podcast.