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Pacific Take Week 10 Picks

The Staff takes on the week 10 games

Washington v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Here’s the week 10 picks from the Pacific Takes Staff.

Last Week's Record 7-0 6-1 6-1 7-0 5-2 6-1 5-2 5-2 5-2 5-2 5-2
Season Record 52-18 46-24 41-29 45-25 47-23 48-22 44-26 40-30 40-30 43-27 17-4
Name Taylor Henry Ryan Larson Jose Bouquett Gabey Lucas Eli Boettger Jack Follman Simeon Moses David Colangelo Travis King Andrew Burnett Chris Shepard
# 20 USC at #4 Washington Washington- Clay Helton has never lost a home game as the head coach at USC. Problem is, this game is in Seattle, and the home of College Gameday. Helton is 3-7 on the road, and with a freshman QB, that's not a recipe for success. Washington pulls away late. Washington- Maybe this will be the week that finall gets Clay Helton fired. We've been waiting for that since week 1. Washington- UW, College Gameday coming to Washington this week will make a difference in this game. The crowd is going to be packed and loud. USC doesn't stand a chance. Washington- UW, but it'll be a fight. Darnold's shiftiness is USC's biggest asset against a Huskies front 4 whose main weakness has been exactly that. Washington- UW has played fairly well the last few years against the Trojans, despiste appearing as the underdog on most occasions. This should come down to the wire, maybe even the last possession. I can't wait to see the numbers Ju-Ju and Ross put up. Washington- Tempted to pick USC here because I think this is exactly the kind of game a team like UW loses in a playoff chse, but I'll go with the Huskies. They are playing at home, and it's Darnold's first road challenge. Peterson outcoaches Helton. Washington- UW D gets it done and stops Ronald Jones and Sam Darnold. Washington- While USC has arguable been the 2nd most impressive PAC-12 team the past 5 weeks, nobody is beating UW at UW. USC- This is my ipset special of the week. The Trojans are a different team than they were at the beginning of the year. Darnold gets his first BIG win at USC. Washington- Hillary blew a 3-1 lead. Washington- Too physical on defense and too much to play for. Plus, it's in Seattle. UW 31-20.
Oregon State at UCLA UCLA- Oregon State is going to shock somebody, but I don't think it'll be away from home. UCLA, but it's going to be close. UCLA- OSU has more heart, UCLA has more talent. The niggest lie in sports is that heart and hard work will always beat talent. Sorry to break that to you. UCLA- This is the one game that I have actual confidence in when it comes to UCLA. OSU is horrible, UCLA is less horrible. Oregon State- My spidey senses are telling me to pick this as my Maverick pick of the week. Go Beavs! UCLA- Oregon State is a mess. UCLA is a mess too, but nearly as bad as those Beavers. I'm also a big fan of falafel- the food. UCLA- The Bruins are struggling, but they still have enough talent to win this one at home. Don't be surprised if this ends up being a 13-10 win. UCLA- Beavers have a broken spirit and no will to win. UCLA- I don't care how bad UCLA's season is going, Oregon State is still Oregon State. UCLA- Bruins are struggling, fortunately for them the Beavers are struggling a little bit more this year. UCLA by 2 scores. UCLA- Hillary blew a 3-1 lead. UCLA- Another physical defense. OSU will struggle to move the ball. UCLA 28-17.
Cal at #23 Washington State WSU- These type of games that are supposed to be shootouts, always end up defensive battles. Wait... Just kidding, WSU scores 50, Webb throws some interceptions, I'll say WSU 50-35. WSU- The most enjoyable thing about watching Cougs games is seeing what Leach will get angry about this week. I'm guessing something about how Bears aren't good. WSU- I love Mike Leach. He destroys teams and it's beautiful to watch. WSU is going to roll over Cal. Sorry Davis Webb. WSU- I'm predicting they start out slow and then do Coug things and win cuz they're Cougs and that's how they roll. WSU- This might be the highest scoring game all year long, at least I hope. Call has no defense, and WSU has a ton of offense. Both teams have great QB's. Winner of this one scores at least 60 points. Bet on that. WSU- The Cougars are basically the Bears if they could play defesne and had better receivers and offensive linemen with more experience. WSU- Cougs win in a high scoring shootout Cal- Cal hasn't won a road game this year, you say? Don't care. Apple Cup loses some luster after this one. Over 100 combined points? WSU- Watch out for WSU. They are HOT and should continue to stay hot this week vs. Cal. WSU- Hillary blew a 3-1 lead. WSU- Cougard have visions of one of the most meaningful Apple Cup's ever. They have to get this one at home. Shootout!! WSU 49-35.
Stanford at Oregon Stanford- Oregon has had trouble with physical defenses, look what USC did to them last week. I'll take Stanford, their defense, and a couple of turnovers to get it done in Autzen. Helfrich is revising his resume. Oregon- The Cardinal can knock Oregon out of contention for a bowl game and that would be really freaking hilarious. Too bad they won't this week. Stanford- This is a show me game for the Ducks. It'll prove how far along they've come in the season against a tough Stanford team. I like how Stanford has been playing, I like defense, I like Stanford. Stanford- Puhlease. But Herbert will pull off a play or two that makes us afraid of the Ducks future offense. Oregon- Remember when this game was supposed to be significant? I'm going with the home team, Oregon, as it is difficult to pick against the Ducks in Eugene. Oregon- Stanford is better than Oregon, but they can't score enough and they won't be able to hold Oregon under the 21-24 points they probably need to win this game. Oregon- Oregon finally has some seblance of a will to win and will use Autzen Stadium as an advantage to win. Oregon- Oregon has looked better since the QB Change. Stanford simply can't score enough. Stanford- This game is really a toss up in my opinion. I think Stanford wins a really close game on the road, late. Stanford- Hillary blew a 3-1 lead. Oregon- Oregon is playing better and I can see them getting up in this game and making Stanford have to do things they do not want to do. Oregon in a shocker 38-24.
#15 Utah at Arizona State Utah- Arizona State has been a different team at home, but I'm banking on a Rumble in the Rockies meaning something. Go Utes until then. Utah- Joe Williams is just going to keep getting asked to run the ball by the Utah coaching staff until he dies. That's probably ASU's only chance at winning. Utah- Ever since Utah ran all over UCLA I have had a crush on Joe Williams. E's great, and he's going to show his greatness Thursday. Joe Williams rushes for 100+ and 2 TD's in a Utah win. Utah- The Utes defense is too much and the ASU defense is too little. Utah- I'm still not sold on ASU after their hot start way back when. Utah should win this game by 10 Points. Utah- ASU is a dumpster fire and Utah is well-coached enough to avoid the trap here and get beat on the road on a Thursday. Utah- Utah's defense comes up with some big stops to win a close game. Utah- ASU STINKS this year. (Hard hitting analysis) Utah- ASU really needs anupset to get the season back on track. I think it's too tall a task, even at home. Utah- Hillary blew a 3-1 lead. Arizona State- I still think that at some point the Utah stat of them not gaining as many yards as they give up will catch them. ASU got a bye... healthy. ASU 34-28
#24 LSU at #25 Arkansas LSU- Fournette was shut down completely last week. Won't happen this week. He'll get back on track, and Arkansas won't be able to run on that tough LSU defense. Arkansas- Fun fact about football that you might not know: you have to score points to win. Maybe LSU forgot that when they were playing Alabama. LSU- I don't know why Arkansas is ranked. They got smashed by Auburn because they shouldn't stop the run. That LSU RB is pretty decent too, so you know. Run the ball, win LSU. Win. Arkansas- I don't care that it makes sense to pick LSU, I'm feeling Arkansas for no reason and I'm almost certain they'll lose but I'm still picking Arkansas. LSU- Arkansas has come through on a number of upset chances this season, but I think LSU will have a massive chip on their shoulder after the 10-0 Loss to Bama and plummet in the polls. LSU in a blowout. LSU- The Tigers should be gassed after locking horns with Bama, but Arkansas seems like they won't show up. Arkansas- Razorbacks rush their way to victory as Leonard Fournette remains ineffective. LSU- Tigers devour the Razorbacks. (Please avoid swallowing any razors. LSU- Tigers took a hit in the rankings, but don't let that fool you. Vegas still has them at #11 in the country and they should roll Arkansas. Arkansas- Hillary blew a 3-1 lead. Arkansas- The Hogs are different at home. LSU is on a letdown. Arkansas 35-24.
UTSA at Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech- Did you know 2 of the best receivers in College Football go to La Tech? Carlos Henderson has 2 games of 5 TD's and Trent Taylor reminds me of Wes Welker. La Tech has their mind on hosting the CUSA title, this is a must win. Louisiana Tech- Roadrunners are wildly verrated because of Looney Tunes. They're just small, deranged looking birds. I'm not sure what they do that's of value. Bulldogs all day. Louisiana Tech- I'll give you some inside info. I live in San Antonio, I am by UTSA people all the time. UTSA is a 21 point underdog. You know what that means? They're going to get murdered. UTSA loses but covers the spread. Louisiana Tech- I'm not going to pretend I know anything about these guys other than La Tech is apparently on a roll-ish? So I'm going La Tech. Don't ask me why. Louisiana Tech- I remember the last time La Tech was relevant, but I can't say the same about UTSA. I also gave up 59 points to Tech in my NCAA 05 Dynasty one time, so they have my respect. Louisiana Tech- Better team, I guess. Louisiana Tech- Bulldogs are on a hot streak and will win with a strong passing game. Louisiana Tech- We did it. We found the game that 98% of the country/world literally could not care less about. Louisiana Tech- Shoutout to Taylor. Dawgs get it done at home. Louisiana Tech- Hillary blew a 3-1 lead. Louisiana Tech- Home of Karl Malone, Terry Bradshaw, and Phil Robertson. Dogs win at home 21-17.