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Pac-12 College Football Playoff chance breakdown: Washington slips, but Colorado and Utah slide up

Four Pac-12 teams still have a shot at the College Football Playoff

NCAA Football: Utah at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

USC’s win over Washington last week means the Pac-12 no longer controls its destiny in the Playoff chase. However, the Huskies are still very much alive and the every team in the miracle pack of Colorado, Utah and Washington State survived for another week.

This is how the Pac-12’s Playoff chances stack up with just two weeks left in the regular season.


Washington 9-1 (6-1)

Quality wins: Stanford, at Utah

Losses: USC

Remaining games: Arizona State, at Washington State

The Huskies lost a game and still are in solid Playoff contention because the only unbeaten left is Alabama. They will likely need more help now, but they still have a solid chance of getting into the Playoffs if they win out.

On the verge of being contenders

Utah 8-2 (5-2)

Quality wins: USC

Losses: at Cal, Washington

Remaining games: Oregon, at Colorado

Saturday was a win/loss for Utah as their win over USC looks a lot better now, but their loss to Washington is a little less excusable than it was before. They are right on the outside of the Top 10 and they could slide up towards the top four if more teams keep losing ahead of them, including the Huskies.

Colorado 8-2 (6-1)

Quality wins: at Stanford

Losses: at Michigan, at USC

Remaining games: Washington State, Utah

The Buffs have a serious case for Playoff contention in my opinion. One, look at those losses, at Michigan where they were challenging when Liufau was healthy and at USC by four points (that looks really good right now). They get there chance to make it happen now as they control their own South destiny and host Washington State and Utah in the next two weeks.

Longshot, but still a chance

Washington State 8-2 (7-0)

Quality wins: at Stanford

Losses: Eastern Washington, at Boise State

Remaining games: at Colorado, Washington

It would be pretty amazing if a team that loses to a Big Sky team and Mountain West team doesn’t just win the Pac-12, but goes to the Playoffs. It’s going to be hard to do it, but the Cougars will get a great chance to state their case in the next three weeks and that is the best they can do. Also, hey, Iowa lost to an FCS team and beat Michigan. So it doesn’t mean as much as you might think.